Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/08/17

1. Sessions confirmation by Gary Marx; President Madison Strategies

* He has excellent experience
* He will eliminate sanctuary cities
* Confirmation starts in two days
* Dems confirmation attacks have been continuous for more than 30 years
* Dems use same tactics for supreme court nominees

2. Jenny Beth Martin

* Particularly need to contact red state senators
* Nomination process can last for 2-1/2 months
* Explained the “Toolkit”
* Sign all of the petitions, and send out letters to senators and other contacts

3. DC Report; Bill Pascoe

* Ryan re-elected house speaker
* Obamacare repeal may take years per congress
* Congress will provide money for the Mexico wall. Trump will likely replace it, with Mexican money.
* Plan to use reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare, but it will not work for some major features.
* The Russian hacking issue is still being pushed by the Dems

4. Obama care report & Constitution report; Steve Wright

* If the Republicans insist on keeping pre existing conditions in their bill, it will fail.
* Demos are trying to use amendment #9 to expand citizens right limits

5. Jenny Beth Martin: Planning a confirmation reception on the day prior. Details to follow.

6. Q & A; No input

Joe Burge

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