Action Alert – Thank your Legislators for the Rail Bill

We have just had 2 very important bills filed in the Florida Senate and House.

They Are: Senate Bill 386 (High Speed Rail Safety Act); House Bill 269 (High Speed Passenger Rail).

These bills require the Florida Dept. of Transportation to supervise and require companies to:

  • Construct, Maintain and Repair their needed infrastructure
  • Construct and Maintain Fences;
  • Be Liable for certain Damages and be Responsible for Certain Improvements/Upgrades;
  • Be Responsible for Administrative Fines, Suits and Legal Costs;
  • Comply with minimum Safety Requirements & Reporting;
  • Comply with Federal Laws & Regulations;
  • Authorizes local governments to enact certain railroad speed limits.

I said important! These requirements will help save our communities, many life’s and put the costs on the back of the railroads. This is what we have been asking for many years.

Please Help! These bills will soon be assigned to committees and voted on.


To write bills like these is very difficult, legally arduous and a real threats to the big money railroad proponents.
Indeed these Representatives Are Brave. Also if you ask them to keep you up to date as these bills go through committees, They Will.

District Office Phone Numbers:

  • Sen. Mayfield (321)-409-2025
  • Rep. Magar (772) 545-3481
  • Rep. Harrell (772) 221-4011
  • Rep. Grall (772) 778-5055
  • Sen. Joe Negron, Pres. of Sen. (772) 219-1665

Thank you for your help! It is important to let our legislature know that we appreciate what they are doing for us.

Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/15/17

1. DC report, Bill Pascoe

– House & senate passed an obama care repeal process resolution
– House & senate have an off site retreat on Jan. 25 to 27
– Trump briefed on the Russian election supposed hacking claims document
– Sessions confirmation process is looking positive. The Tillerson confirmation process does not look as positive

2. Obamacare & Constitution Status- Chris Wright

– Obamacare is still a litany of problems
– The Constitution protection efforts are proceeding

3. TPP call to action for cabinet & supreme court nominees- Jennie Beth Martin

– Gearing up to support the supreme court nominee
– The democrats are planning major inauguration interference efforts
– We are continuing work on petitions, local rallies, & sign waving
– House party kit explanation:
a.- Will show relevant political videos
b.- Sign waving rallies
c.- Face Book & Twitter inputs
d.- Call local senator’s office
e.- E mail petitions to local senators offices
f.- Send post cards to local senators
g.- Telephone senators
h.-Letters to editors

J.C. Burge

Voter Fraud Detection at Boca

Please join us on February 7 at the Boca Community Center for

a City Council Candidate Expo

Patti Dervishi

Al Zucarro

and a discussion on

Voter Fraud Detection


Kirk Wolak

Tuesday, February 7, 2016, 6:30pm
Boca Community Center
150 Crawford Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 393-7807

Please RSVP below; no meal is served with this meeting.

“Captain” Kirk Wolak is a software engineer having graduated from Michigan State with Honors in Computer Science and Minors in Mathematics and Telecommunications. He owns a small software company where he helps small to mid-sized businesses leverage technology and automation to lower costs and increase efficiency. He is also maintaining the statewide voter database to help detect and prevent voter fraud in Florida.

Human Trafficking Subject of Wellington Meeting

Please join us on February 1 at the Wellington Community Center for a discussion on

Human Trafficking

Rosa Castillo

Rosa is a victim of human traffickers, having been sold into slavery at the age of 14 and forced to endure 14 years of extreme abuse until her successful escape.

Rosa will relate her personal story and her current efforts to raise awareness of this modern day barbarism taking place in our country and along our southern border.

Tuesday, February 1, 2016, 6:30PM
Wellington Community Center
12150 Forest Hill Boulevard
(561) 753-2484


Please RSVP below; no meal is served with this meeting.

Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/08/17

1. Sessions confirmation by Gary Marx; President Madison Strategies

* He has excellent experience
* He will eliminate sanctuary cities
* Confirmation starts in two days
* Dems confirmation attacks have been continuous for more than 30 years
* Dems use same tactics for supreme court nominees

2. Jenny Beth Martin

* Particularly need to contact red state senators
* Nomination process can last for 2-1/2 months
* Explained the “Toolkit”
* Sign all of the petitions, and send out letters to senators and other contacts

3. DC Report; Bill Pascoe

* Ryan re-elected house speaker
* Obamacare repeal may take years per congress
* Congress will provide money for the Mexico wall. Trump will likely replace it, with Mexican money.
* Plan to use reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare, but it will not work for some major features.
* The Russian hacking issue is still being pushed by the Dems

4. Obama care report & Constitution report; Steve Wright

* If the Republicans insist on keeping pre existing conditions in their bill, it will fail.
* Demos are trying to use amendment #9 to expand citizens right limits

5. Jenny Beth Martin: Planning a confirmation reception on the day prior. Details to follow.

6. Q & A; No input

Joe Burge

Brian Mast Speaks for Israel on the House Floor

See also:
Mast Votes to Disapprove of Anti-Israel UN Resolution

City Council Candidate Night

On February 6, the Palm Beach County Tea Party will be hosting a

“City Council Candidate Night”

at the Abacoa Golf Club, starting at 6:30PM.

March Council candidates from Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter will be invited to speak for up to 5 minutes to introduce themselves and their plans for their respective cities when elected.

Candidates and staffers will be free to distribute literature and solicit volunteers and contributors.

We will also have some discussion about the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump from those who attended the festivities in Washington, DC.

Confirmed participants include:
PBG Group 1
Mark Marciano

Michael Paolercio
PBG Group 3
Ron Berman

Kathryn Gettinger

Matthew Lane
PBG Group 5
Kevin Easton

Rachelle Litt

Joe Russo

George Wicker
Jupiter District 1
Teri Grooms

Wayne Posner (I)

Carol Watson
Jupiter District 2
Ron Delaney (I)

Heidi Epstein

Ben Klug

Please join us for this informative event and remember – our city councils and county commission have as much effect on our lives as the state and national governments. Get informed and vote on March 14.

Monday, February 6, 2016
Abacoa Golf Club
105 Barbados Drive
Jupiter, Fl 33458
TIME: 5:30 PM Buffet
6:30 PM Program
Dinner – $20.00
(Buffet, Cash Bar)

Please RSVP below. There is no charge for the meeting.