Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/11/16

1. Guest speaker; Robt. Fleming, Director “We The People”

– Mr. Fleming works with public schools to explain the US Constitution
– His federal funding has dried up. He is seeking funding by states.

2. D.C. report; Bill Pascoe

– As of last Friday, 2016 congress is closed.
– Trump pushing to stop IRS commissioner impeachment initative.
– House & Senate passed CR bill through April 28, 2017
– Sec. of Defense appointee got his initial waver on seven year since military service requirement.
– Dems pushing Russian hacking of the last US Presidential election.
– McCain & Graham are aiding this effort.

3. o”care & US Constitution; Chris Wright

– Dems pushing to stop the repeal initiative.

4. Announcements; Martin

– Must continue to support Sessions appointment.
– Pushing the new Secretary of Labor appointment
– TPP are introducing a new “Patriot Point System”. Details to follow.

Signed Off at 8:45 PM

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