Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/04/16

1. Obamacare update and Constitution defense – Chris wright

– The left is working hard to stop total repeal
– US flag burning; TPP are disgusted by this but it is not against the Constitution

2. D.C. report – Bill Pascoe

– House passed “The National Defense Authorization Bill”
– A temporary govt. funding C.R. will likely passed for funding through 4/31/2017
– Elaine Chow (McConnel’s wife) will be a member of his administration

3. Jenny Beth Martin

– There are currently three TPP internet questionnaires that need response from as many Tea Party members as possible. These questionnaires are needed for the TPP 2017 operational planning.
– The last 2016 webinar will be on 12/11. The webinars will resume next January

4. Q and A

– What was the status of the election recounts; Apparently, the recounts have been stopped.

Signed off at 8:30PM.

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