Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 11/27/16

1. Obama Care status; Chris Wright

– The resulting Medicade expansion is bad news
– The Trump proposal to keep pre existing conditions and 26 year old offspring coverage is a very bad idea because of the financial burden. Need full repeal.
– The potential Trump business conflict of interest with govt. business will be a continuing concern.

2. DC Report – Bill Pascoe

– A 3 month budget C.R. will likely pass. This is good news for budget control
– Sudden increase in South America illegal border crossings
– Discussion of Trump appointees
– Romney Secretary of State discussion
– Green Party vote recount not viable for the vote margin sizes in Michigan & Pennsylvania

3. Jenny Beth Martin Discussion of current plans

– Support Sessions & Bannon appointments by signing their petitions and circulate them for additional sign-offs.
– Support the Supreme Court nominees
– Support a probable Trump et. al. sign waving support event in December.

4.- Q & A.

I signed off at this point.

J.C. Burge

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