Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/25

The 9/25 TPP Webinar Synopsis:

1. Special Guest: Trevor Loudon

Loudon, From New Zealand, is the author of “Enemies Within” and the DVD of same subject.  The basic theme is that the US is being subjected internally to a concerted effort by a coalition of Communists and radical Muslims to destroy our free society.  A key aspect of this is that the US Democrat party has been totally subverted by this coalition.  He emphasized that the US is the world’s last hope to stop the resurgence of a world wide Communist/Muslim government. He is currently on a US speaking tour to alert the US public to this dire situation. In a following Q & A session, Mr. Loudon received a very strong endorsement by  a number of local TP representatives.  The DVD is available in the US from ReginaThompson@yahoo.com.

2. D.C. Report: Bill Pascoe

Ted Cruz is working in Congress to counter Obama’s effort to cede control of our internet to the UN. There is an IRS letter effort to force young healthy citizens to join Obamacare or pay additional taxes.  The bill to allow Saudi 911 lawsuits by US citizens was vetoed by obama.  It looks very much like Congress will pass a last minute funding CR (Continuing Resolution) to provide for all Democrat funding requests.

3. Obamacare: Chris Wright

Obamacare continues to be a financial & organizational disaster.  Efforts to expand Medicaid to compensate for these problems are resulting in large fraud increases.  In a related note, Wright noted that many people are proposing that our Constitution is obsolete.  He is working to correct these attitudes.

4. Q & A

Signed off at this time to relay webinar results to Mel Grossman.

Point of information: The next West Palm gun show is on 10/8. Our local Tea Party provides a local firearms and political information dialog table at each of these shows.

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