Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/18/16

The regular TPP Sunday conference call on 9/18 covered:

1. Obamacare Status by Chris Wright
– Obamacare continues to lose insurers and raise prices. Demos are pushing for single payer.

2. DC Political Status by Bill Pascoe
– Both houses working final bills prior to adjournment. Most important is a CR (Continuing Resolution) for next year’s funding. Demos intent on using a CR to get minimal funding limits. TPP pushing for IRS leader’s impeachment.

3. Obama Internet Giveaway
– Obama Internet giveaway would be a major blow to US freedom. TPP pushing to stop this.

4. TPP Citizens Fund by JB Martin
– The TPP Citizens Fund goal is to raise $5 per citizen contacted. Asking local TP support. There is a TPP Tool Kit on the TPP basic web site to provide operational details. Demos have about 800 campaign employees to Republican 500. TPP claim they can compensate for this imbalance.

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