Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/11/16

The regular TPP Sunday conference call touched on a number of topics this week:

1. The “National Popular Vote Project” by guest speaker, Gary Porter.

– Project was started by politicians angry about Bush presidential win via electoral college
– The intent is to eliminate the Electoral College and elect only via popular vote
– Use state by state approval to implement without a Constitutional amendment
– Roughly 1/3 of states have approved (not sure of this status)
– Primary impact is to increase the president’s political power

Porter’s conclusion; “It must be stopped”

2. Obamacare status by Chris Wright.

– Continues to unravel functionally and incur very large cost increases
– Cost for 2016 exceeds $64 billion

3. DC political status by Bill Pascoe.

– Listed a number of house & senate current bills
– Congress will be on vacation starting next week through the year end
– They will very likely pass a CR continuing funding bill this week

4. Funding activities and Q&A

I signed off at this point


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