The Not So Non-Political FBI

Christopher Sign, morning anchor at ABC15 in Phoenix, reported the following:

How a Local AZ Reporter Broke the Bombshell Clinton-Lynch Story

Former President Bill Clinton waited at the Phoenix airport Monday night (June 27, 2016) for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrive.

The FBI there on the tarmac instructed everybody: “no photos, no pictures, no cell phones”.

We also know the FBI protects the Attorney General while the Former President is protected by the Secret Service. So the FBI is responsive to the wishes of the Attorney General.

The FBI no-pictures statement leads to the following conclusions:

1. The meeting was meant to be clandestine.
2. The FBI was instructed in advance to prohibit pictures.
3. The meeting was therefore planned in advance.
4. The FBI was a knowing conspirator in the cover-up.

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