Cade Marsh – the Face of Tomorrow’s Republican

A past President of the PBAU Young Republicans who joined us in Wellington on Wednesday, Cade Marsh remembers when you could count the members on one hand, yet now there are several hundred. Now working on a state level, he is refining his techniques for recruiting the new conservative base.

Cade suggests that this next generation has a different view towards the news, often using social media to listen to those they trust rather than consuming mass media. This is all about “relationships” rather than “dictation”. With 1.1 million college students in Florida, and only 20% (by one estimate) who are registered to vote, there is a big opportunity here.

Asked what drives these newly politically actives, that is, what makes them angry enough to get involved, he pointed to the escalating size of the student loan burden. A solution (other than Bernie Sander’s concept of making the rich pay it off), involves new methods of education. Online learning for example, can deliver at much lower cost than the traditional classroom setting. Disruptive technologies are needed – think Uber.

Look for Cade at the Jupiter chapter in March.

Also at the meeting, we had volunteers from the Trump, Carson and Cruz campaigns boosting their guys, and we heard an update on the county plan to put a sales tax increase on the ballot this year – perhaps driving it up to 7.5%. The County Commission meets on it next Tuesday. For more information, see: Increasing Sales Tax a Bad Idea on the TAB website.


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  1. Charles Incerta says:

    Dear Cade,

    I really enjoy your comments on OAN! You and your colleagues are the future of America! Stay focused and keep up the good work!

    I have a personal question.? I noticed that you wear an American flag lapel pin that looks like there is a star in the middle of the flag. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and I have been looing for a pin like you wear. Could you direct me to where I could purchase one like you have so I can wear it with my vest and dress coat.

    Thank you again for your commitment to our country!

    Charles Incerta
    103 Victoria Way
    Friendswood, Texas 77546

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