February Tea Party Meetings

Chapter Meetings for February include:

CLick on the location for more information and to RSVP.


One Response to “February Tea Party Meetings”
  1. Gordon Gammon says:

    At the last meeting I attended in Abacoa,
    I was surprised to see members
    campaigning for Donald Trump support !
    Surprised, because Tea Party Republicans
    are Conservative and principled individuals.
    As opposed to the Establishment RINO’s !
    Trump, is neither of the above. He is an
    opportunist flip-flopper and a former
    NY Democrat, remember.

    Yes, he has done good work in stirring
    the political pot, but President of the
    United States… Take a closer look at
    his background… Run-with-the-hare-
    and-hunt-with-the-hounds! He is too
    temperamental and narcissistic to be a
    President. Oh, and coupled with his
    disingenuous gestures of ingratiation;
    you couldn’t trust him!

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