Thank You

Karen Schoen
Radio Host/Activist

I have just returned from a week in S.FL speaking on Common Core, Agenda 21/2030, and our refugee invasion. I met the most wonderful people who were engaged and informed on these issues! I am so proud of the Palm Beach Co Tea Party…On a moments notice, they found out that PBC was a sanctuary county, and that their commissioners were going to support Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order, DACA.

Joining with the leaders of FLIMEN, (Floridians favoring LEGAL immigration), the PBCTP leaders, Mel and Barbara Grossman and the directors called their members. Members came turned out in BIG numbers, and the commissioners backed down. This was a HUGE victory, but this is just the beginning. To me it was a lesson for the future, for what good people can do – when they come together. We HAVE to keep putting the pressure on!

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