ALERT! PBC Commissioners to Vote on Resolution Supporting Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

What: Resolution in Support of President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration
When: Tuesday, November 3 at 5pm
Where: 301 N Olive 6th Fl, West Palm Beach

On the agenda for the PBC Board of County Commissioners’ infrequent evening meeting on 11/3 is agenda item 4A-2, requested by the Commissioners, in support of President Obama’s Executive Order on Immmigration. The item reads:

Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida, supporting President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration reform expanding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) programs; and requesting that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi withdraw the State of Florida from Texas v. United States (United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit). SUMMARY: The Board has requested that a resolution supporting President Obama’s executive action expanding DACA and DAPA and urging that Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi withdraw the state from Texas v. United States be drafted and brought back for discussion. Miami-Dade County has passed a similar resolution, as has the City of Kissimmee. Twenty-six states, including Florida, have signed onto a lawsuit – Texas v. United States – seeking to block the President’s executive actions. At least 76 cities and counties throughout the country, such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and the counties of Dallas and Los Angeles, have signed onto an amicus brief opposing the lawsuit and supporting the President’s executive action. In Florida, Tampa and North Miami have joined the brief. Countywide (DW)

You can see the Agenda Item in it’s entirety here and the entire agenda here.

I know that this is a subject very important to many of you. Please make the Commission aware of your positions – either by attending the meeting and speaking out, emailing the Commission at BCC-AllCommissioners@pbcgov.org and by making your friends and organizations aware.

My personal position is that the Board of County Commissioners does not have the right to speak for me on State or National issues. They should focus on their own local responsibilities and there sure are enough of those issues. The motivations of those on the Commission running for national office would make their positions suspect as well. The resolution’s claims that President Obama’s Executive Order makes good financial sense for the County is ludicrous at best. I will encourage them to VOTE NO on this resolution and withdraw it from further consideration.


10 Responses to “ALERT! PBC Commissioners to Vote on Resolution Supporting Obama’s Immigration Executive Order”
  1. Michael Tellex says:

    Absolutely no!!! Should this even go to a vote I will do everything I can to see that each commissioner that votes in favor of this is NOT re-elected to any office.
    This is NOT a part of what they were put in office for. We have plenty of needy and homeless people here already. If they feel the need to be charitable do so for their constituents.

    • PBCTP PBCTP says:

      Five of them are running for office – Taylor/ and McKinlay for CD 18; Vana for Property Appraiser, Berger and Valeche for re-election.

  2. babette freed says:

    definitely against it!
    I agree -not their job!

  3. Bill Petraglia says:

    You surely must be kidding ! Just what is the reason for the County
    Commissioners to get involved in this Immigration Issue ? As a result
    of these over reaching Executive Orders coming out of the White House,
    what makes our County Commissioners feel compelled to follow them??
    Palm Beach County already has an ongoing Homeless and Panhandling
    problem. Why would we look to magnify it ?? I question the motivation of
    the County Commissioners desire to support this Executive Order. I kindly
    request that all the County Commissioners rethink their decision on being
    ” Politically Correct” and supporting a very controversial order that will have
    a detrimental effect on the Tax Paying Citizens of Palm Beach County. I
    Implore all the County Commissioners to VOTE NO, and support our Attorrney
    General , Pam Bondi’s Lawsuit !!!

  4. Dr. Michael Salit says:

    If they vote for this, they should not be elected.

  5. PBCTP PBCTP says:

    Comments here are great! Please make sure however, that you also contact the Commissioners 😉

  6. Laura Henning says:

    I’m with Iris! Please contact the county commissioners and urge them NOT to support this resolution. The president’s executive orders simply act as a powerful magnet to attract more illegals into this country. And it’s a good idea to remind them that we will be watching how the commissioners vote on this.

  7. PBCTP PBCTP says:

    Thanks to all who emailed and called their Commissioners or who spoke at tonight’s PBC Board of County Commissioners’ mtg. Commissioner Abrams moved to table the Resolution (item 4A-2) indefinitely, seconded by Commissioner Valeche. Also voting to table were Commissioners Taylor and McKinlay and Vice Mayor Berger. Voting against tabling were Mayor Vana and Commissioner Burdick.

  8. B. Boline says:

    I will be calling them as well (albeit late).

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