Marion Frank on Freedomworks Event

The Palm Beach County Tea Party was in attendance at the FreedomWorks event on 9/12 in Orlando FL, along with over 2500 patriots from all around the country. FreedomWorks was founded to fight for liberty and has brought together some of the best and brightest minds of the liberty movement. They have expanded their ambitions from a free-market think tank to a service center for the grassroots freedom movement across the whole country, encompassing Tea Parties, 9-12 groups and Conservatives.

Their urgent mission right now is to grow the “Freedom Caucus” in the House of Representatives. In order to be a part of the “Freedom Caucus” members must show that they consistently uphold conservative values, such as defunding Obamacare, balancing the budget, securing our borders, ending taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, supporting the VA and most urgently trying to replace Speaker John Boehner with Mark Meadows. Some of the Freedom Caucus members were at FreedomWorks and spoke to the crowd. They included Ted Yoho, John Fleming, Ron DeSantis, Mark Meadows, Tom Massie and Tim Huelskamp. The frustration was palpable coming from the Congressmen about not being able to get done the things they campaigned for because the House and Senate leadership, namely John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have decided to cave on every important issue so they can appear to get along better with the Obama administration. After getting a huge majority in the House and a slim majority in the Senate, things are actually worse than when the Democrats ran the Senate. We have a Republican leadership problem and the only way to fix that is to change the leadership.

A straw poll was taken at the event. All ticket holders could vote for their first and second choice for President. Our very special guest speaker, Glenn Beck read the winners at the conclusion of his speech. At first Glenn said that Donald Trump had won the straw poll. After the audience booed, he said he was only kidding. Donald Trump came in third place with 8%, Dr. Ben Carson in second place with 12% and Ted Cruz was the run away winner with 41%. It it true that Glenn Beck’s audience, Tea Partiers and 9-12ers are more conservative than the average Republican voter, so it came as no surprise that Ted Cruz was the big winner.

We left the event pumped up with enthusiasm. The speakers gave us some hope that Boehner may be replaced within the next few weeks, as there may be enough votes in the House to turn it around. Not so much in the Senate. There are really only 2 definite votes in the Senate to remove McConnell, that being Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. We need better Senators in the next election.

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