USA / Cuba 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

My name is Mercedes Garcia, I am an American who was born and raised in Cuba, and lived there until 1961 when my family and I had to leave the island due to Castro’s communist regime persecution.

Ever since that time I have been denouncing that terrible system that is a social cancer that destroys everything that it touches.

The Castro brothers as well as the late Che Guevara and their followers have controlled the lives of the Cubans in the island physically, emotionally, morally, and three generations of children have grown not knowing the existence of God. The readers could say there are churches and temples in Cuba, yes, there are but the people are afraid of attending services because they could be attacked and hurt by the trained militia or government mod. The ladies in white are an example of what I am saying.

The above mentioned dictators and a number of their followers are responsible for the death of thousand of Cubans who have been killed in front of the firing squad, an endless number incarcerated and tortured without due process, heavens knows how many have lost their lives at sea trying to escape from the island where they were treated as slaves of the government while the “elite” live like kings!

There is a misconception that either Fidel or Raul Castro are presidents. Neither of them have ever been elected by the people. They are tyrants who took the power by force in 1959 and are still there.

During all of these years several times the Cubans have been betrayed regarding their hope for a free Cuba. I will mention a few times that come to my mind. It is well known The Bay of Pig treason, a child Elian Gonzalez was kidnapped during the night and given to Castro as a trophy on a silver tray, three Americans and a USA resident from Brothers of the Rescue were killed while flying over international waters, and nothing was done…and now it seems that the present administration is on its way to establish relations with Castro’s Communist Government. Very difficult to comprehend.

Doing business with the communist is a Lose/Lose deal. They do not honor anything and the money sent to Cuba will never reach the poor people who are living in the worse human conditions, but it will go direct to the Castro’s arks. it is foolish to believe that it will help the Cubans in the island.

I will end these lines by saying a prayer for my adopted country that I love so much, The United States of America, a generous and great nation that today and always be Blessed by God Almighty and forever be “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Thank you,

Mercedes M. Garcia

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