1. I will only vote for conservative candidates.

I will vote for and support conservative candidates and do what I can to
get them elected.

2. I will not vote for a “less liberal” candidate.

Sometimes it seems a political party runs a candidate that is less liberal than the candidates of the opposition parties in the belief the conservative voter has nowhere else to go and will have to vote for their candidate.

That logic might have worked in the past but will work no more with this conservative.

There is an option besides voting for the less liberal candidate. It is the option of “staying home”. It is the option of not voting for any of the liberal candidates for that office. It is the option of choice for this conservative voter.

3. I will not vote against a liberal candidate.

This is similar to number 2 above where I am told I have to vote for someone because the alternative candidate is so liberal their election would be a disaster.

I will risk that disaster rather than vote for someone who is not conservative. That may be the only way to effectively tell the parties what it takes to get my vote. It takes a CONSERVATIVE candidate.

Conservatives must be willing to stand for their principles and not be lured into compromising positions.

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