CORRUPTION is not just “over there”

Many people in The Unites States think that a corrupt government is something found “over there” in the third world in banana republics.

Those people should take their blinders off and look at what is happening “over here”.

We have what seems like a pathological liar-in-chief (“You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor”) who followed a leader who was impeached for lying under oath. We have had a number of members of the executive branch recently testifying untruthfully before Congress. Employees of one agency made fraudulent reports to get big bonuses. Employees of another agency nullified the effectiveness of opponents to get their boss reelected.
We have unfathomable corruption at our former southern border. The chief law enforcement officer refuses to prosecute members of groups he likes. Numerous member of Congress continue to put the interests of themselves, their friends and their party above the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

Many of our elected and appointed government officials appear to be incapable of handling the responsibilities of the jobs that have been given.

Is it any wonder some American citizens feel they live in a third world banana republic?

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