Trevor Louden Energizes Jupiter Crowd

On an untypical Friday evening, an enthusiastic crowd from the three PBCTP chapters turned out to hear Kiwi author Trever Louden, whose latest work is “The Enemies Within”, exposing the subversive elements within our Congress.

Starting with a sobering assessment of current events, from the growing domination of China in the Pacific and the emergence of Putin’s Russia as a threat to European peace, he illustrated Obama’s foreign policy as “picking the bad guys over the good guys”, supporting the emergence of Muslim dominated governments while turning a blind eye to those fighting for their freedom everywhere, and reducing the power of the US Military as a force for good in the world.

Noting that many believe that Communism has retreated from the world, he laid out their two secrets – first convince people that they don’t exist, then achieve control of the legislative process by manipulating small groups. With examples, he explained how well this has been working, such as the fundamental change to the AFL-CIO that occurred in 1995 when anti-communism was removed from their statement of principles. Today’s unions are first about the socialist cause and less about the welfare of their members, and although their membership is small, they exert significant control over the much larger Democrat party.

After a depressing exposition on the path we are on, he then gave reasons for optimism. Starting with the electoral success of 2010 which firmly closed the door on the Obama Agenda, it is the grassroots activists in the tea party and similar groups that keep the Progressives up at night, fretting that a movement they did not see coming has thwarted 40 years of preparation for a fundamental makeover of our country.

With an outline of how Ronald Reagan was able to triumph over the big government opponents in both parties starting in 1976, he pointed to Ted Cruz as someone who could lead such a revolution in the current day. His solution, consisting of a Ted Cruz / Allen West ticket in 2016, would be bolstered by a set of pre-announced leaders to attract a broad consistency. Rand Paul for Treasury (do what you want with the Fed), Scott Walker as Labor Secretary, Michelle Bachmann at Commerce, John Bolton at State, Ben Carson at HHS, Mark Levin as Attorney General, and David Barton as Secretary of Education. And the one that brought the audience to their feet – NO ONE as United Nations Ambassador.

Some pictures from the event.

  • Carol and Iris Carol and Iris
  • Barbara Barbara
  • Shirley and Linda Shirley and Linda
  • Terry Gallagher and Gay Robertson Terry Gallagher and Gay Robertson
  • President Mel Grossman President Mel Grossman
  • Standing Ovation for Trevor Louden Standing Ovation for Trevor Louden
  • Terry and Speaker Trevor Louden Terry and Speaker Trevor Louden



One Response to “Trevor Louden Energizes Jupiter Crowd”
  1. Richard Nicoll says:

    As a conservative, I’m tired and infuriated of listening to political speeches and theories, albeit from well-meaning authors and pundits. We conservatives need to be involved in some ACTION taken on issues with the Democrat incumbents in our area, as well as the local print, radio and TV media. The names Murphy, Deutch, Frankel and Wasserman-Schultz come to mind, and of course Nelson. The issue of “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE” is squarely front and center again primarily because the ISIS Radical Muslim control of a large part of Syria and Iraq directly affects the price of oil, hence our gas availability and prices at the pump. And it’s going to get much worse. I’m exhausted listening to all the excuses why we are not jumping on the Keystone Pipeline and drilling in other areas like the Gulf, or off-shore. We can only imagine how many jobs would be created if we drilled as we should. We need to get the Congress to act on this, because Obama is doing nothing. Getting the entire press to report this is essential to its success.

    We have enough domestic energy (oil, gas, coal) to keep America energy independent for decades, although I strongly agree we should also explore for practical alternative sources. America must, and needs to, begin drilling for oil (everywhere) as if it were akin to the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb. This is an ultra- urgent issue and we conservative Tea Party activists must lean on and push our local representatives in the House and Senate, hence ACTION is needed.

    The time for tweets, posts, sign-language, facebook and email is passé, worn out and not effective. We need to get in their FACES – close, upfront, personal, persistent, dignified, and respectful, BUT IN THEIR SPACE. The Palm Beach County Tea Party should send a few people to their offices, (well-rehearsed) make the argument, and ask for their support, and if not, why not. Local press coverage would be very helpful spreading the importance of this ENERGY INDEPENDENCE issue. I would not eliminate the idea of picketing the local press if they fail to report the facts.

    I realize this is one of many important issues facing Americans, and there are many more for sure. Let’s get pro-active and start making waves. The question I am asking is how does the Palm Beach County Tea Party, with or without its affiliate Tea Party Organizations, get something going?

    Richard Nicoll
    Boca Raton, FL
    561-716-0990 (cell)

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