PBG Candidate Forum Synopsis

On February 25, PBG Watch, along with the South Florida 912 and the Palm Beach County Tea Party, Taxpayer Action Board, the Palm Beach Gardens Residents Coalition, and the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches hosted a candidate forum for the City Council election.

Jupiter on 4/7: Where is the Roberts Court Heading in 2014?

PROGRAM: Property Rights, Obamacare, And the EPA: Where Is the Roberts Court Heading in 2014?

SPEAKER: James Burling,

Director of Litigation, Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) and principal attorney in PLF’s Property Rights practice group.

DATE: Monday, April 7, 2014

TIME: 5:30 PM Dinner (Soup & Sandwiches $13, tax and tip inc. Cash Bar)

6:30 PM Meeting (no charge)

PLACE: Abacoa Golf Club, 105 Barbados Dr., Jupiter, FL 33458.


Donald Ross Rd. to Parkside Dr. North on Parkside Dr. 0.4 miles to Barbados Dr. Left on Barbados Dr. to first driveway on Left.


Please RSVP

so we are prepared to accommodate you.

INFORMATION: Email: info@palmbeachcountyteaparty.org

Boca Chapter Hosts Author of America in Decline on 3/5

PROGRAM: The book America in Decline will be discussed by its author. This book discusses the reasons for the decline of America under Obama.

Frank De Varona

SPEAKER: Frank de Varona is an educator, historian, journalist, and internationally known expert on politics, economics, foreign affairs, and national security issues. He has written 21 books, including four on President Barack Obama. At the age of 17, he participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. After the defeat, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and served two years. After his liberation, he came to the United States and received three college degrees.

DATE: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TIME: 6:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM

PLACE: Palm Beach County Library, West Boca Branch, 18685 State Rd. 7, Boca Raton, FL 33498. Phone: 561-470-1600


I-95 to Exit 48 (Yamato Rd.). West on Yamato Rd. to State Road 7.  Right onto State Road 7. Library is the first left.

Florida Turnpike to exit 81 (FL 806, W. Atlantic Ave.). At the end of the exit ramp turn right (westbound). Drive west to State Road 7. Left onto State Road 7. Library is approximately 4 miles on the west (right side) between Clint Moore and Yamato Roads.


so we are prepared to accommodate you.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Email:info@palmbeachcountyteaparty.org

I am a Ukrainian


Jupiter Chapter Meeting – 3/3/14

PROGRAM: A Libertarian view of our problems and solutions

SPEAKER: Adrian Wyllie wyllieforgovernor.com/, Libertarian for Florida Governor. A small business owner, military veteran, radio personality, community leader and a third-generation Floridian.

DATE: Monday, March 3, 2014

TIME: 5:30 PM Dinner (Soup & Sandwiches $13, tax and tip inc. Cash Bar)

6:30 PM Meeting (no charge)

PLACE: Abacoa Golf Club, 105 Barbados Dr., Jupiter, FL 33458.


Donald Ross Rd. to Parkside Dr. North on Parkside Dr. 0.4 miles to Barbados Dr. Left on Barbados Dr. to first driveway on Left.


Please RSVP

so we are prepared to accommodate you.


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The 44th president’s unprecedented authority to unilaterally postpone legislation for three years means the succeeding 45th president will have the authority to postpone the law for twenty years or more.

Wellington on 3/10: Billy and Karen Vaughn

PROGRAM: The Wellington Chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party proudly announces an encore presentation of Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of slain Navy Seal who was killed, along with 29 other service men in a Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan in 2011. Billy and Karen, along with the other families of the fallen have been investigating the situation for what is called “Extortion 17”. They have learned first-hand about the nefarious things our government is doing to sabotage our own military, the ever changing rules of engagement and the stonewalling by the top brass.

If you are a veteran, active military, or if you know anyone that is, you must attend this meeting to hear Karen and Billy Vaughn’s compelling story.

DATE: Monday, March 10, 2014

TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 PM

PLACE: Greenview Room, first floor, Wellington Community Center,
12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington, FL 33414

The Wellington Chapter meeting is moving to larger quarters to accommodate the large crowd we anticipate for this event.

West on Southern Blvd.( SR-80) past SR-7 to Forrest Hill Blvd. Left (South) on Forrest Hill Blvd. to first right turn (Country Club Dr.) after Wellington Trace. Right on Country Club Dr. to Town Center Dr. Right on Town Center Dr. to parking lot.

Please RSVP so we are prepared to accommodate you.

There will be no food and there is no charge to attend.

If this announcement went to someone else and you want to be on the list to receive your own copy, go to register

Email: info@palmbeachcountyteaparty.org

Potential Progress for Seven50 Opposition

The American Coalition for Property Rights (ac4pr.org), with some help from members of the Palm Beach County Tea Party, has been able to convince three County Commissions (St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River) to ‘opt out’ of Seven50 – the HUD funded regional plan that sets out a progressive vision for “seven counties, 50 years”. Now their sights are set on Palm Beach County.

Predicting significant population growth in South Florida over that time frame along with rising sea levels and constraints on natural resources, the Seven50 plan sees public transportation, high density housing situated close to transit corridors, and restrictions on private land use as the solution. Implementation would involve changes in zoning regulations, and adoption of a regional blueprint which would supersede today’s system of county and municipal land use rules.

Free Speech in PBC

A bit of drama ensued during the meeting as Palm Beach County Tea Party’s President, Mel Grossman was ejected from the meeting by a heavy handed PBSO deputy. The deputy patrolled the room, trying to intimidate the attendees and chastized (loudly) anyone who deemed to whisper to their seatmate. Mel spoke too loudly and thus the ensuing drama. Mayor Taylor also admonished anyone who clapped or called out in support of those speaking. Ultimately, 3 other deputies joined the first one to ensure that the ‘unruly and dangerous’ elderly people in the audience were held in check.

To his credit, County Administrator Bob Weisman met Mel outside the chambers and arranged for him to come back in and speak, although he was asked to remain in the outside seating area after that. The deputy was clearly out of line (at one point dangling handcuffs over Mel’s head), and the Administrator wisely acted to prevent what could have been an ugly scene.

One can only wonder if this deputy has the full support of Mayor Taylor and the Commission. We have observed her in the past harrassing speakers at the podium by standing next to them and glaring, and disrupting the meeting by loudly admonishing against applause. At one point the Mayor joked as if the deputy was actually in charge of the meeting.

Fearing loss of local control and influence by property owners and other citizens, opponents of the plan have been asking county governments to “opt out” of the Seven50 MOU (“memo of understanding”) which they signed in 2010. Our three northern neighbors acquiesced, but so far Palm Beach County has not been willing to accept the premise that any of their authority would be preempted by the plan, nor do they feel bound to implement any of its provisions. Commissioner Hal Valeche, certainly not a proponent of the “New Urbanism”, does not see Seven50 as anything more than a federally funded study that lays out some proposals – that the county can accept or reject (or ignore) at their leisure.

Phyllis Frey, a leader in this fight, along with Mel Grossman, president of PBCTP, arranged for interested citizens to come to the February 4th Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting, to speak “off agenda” during the “Matters by the Public” session.

The 80 or so activists wore red shirts in support of the 15 or so who spoke, and the speakers covered a range of issues, from the impacts to Home Rule, development density concerns, the relationship to UN Agenda 21 and other topics.

For the most part, the session was cordial, and the Commissioners made comments and suggestions, although it was clear none of them saw any reason to “opt out”. There was a little bit of drama, as leader Mel Grossman was thrown out of the meeting room by an overzealous deputy. (see sidebar). In the Sun-Sentinel (“SFL Tea Party Leader Ejected from PBC Commission Meeting) and the PB Post (“About 80 seven/50 opponents pack palm beach county commission“) that part was the lead.

Drama notwithstanding, potential progress was made in the meeting. Seeking a way to address the concerns – namely that home rule would be compromised or that the county would be compelled to implement the seven50 plan, Commissioner Steven Abrams suggested that the County Attorney draft an addendum to the agreement(s) with the Seven50 committee, clarifying that nothing in those agreements in any way compromises our Home Rule or otherwise overrides the County’s planning and zoning. The addendum would be signed by both the BCC and Seven50 officials. The rest of the BCC agreed and County Attorney Denise Nieman said she would return at the next BCC meeting on March 11th. After the meeting, Ms. Nieman spoke with members of the public – including Mel and Phyllis. The latter plan to work with Ms. Nieman’s team to see if the proposed wording would satisfy their concerns.

All should recognize however, that whenever government grants are accepted, there are strings attached. And having an addendum or an opt-out, no matter how it is worded, does not relieve interested citizens from having to continue to monitor various development projects from appearing on Consent Agendas for passage without discussion. Also – most if not all on our County Commission, are in support of the goals of Seven50 and other regional planning initiatives – and one shouldn’t just assume that all regional planning is good or bad. As citizens, it is up to us to watch what is going on, hold our elected officials accountable, speak out, educate others and vote!

Wellington Chapter Meeting February 20

PROGRAM: The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has graciously invited the Wellington Chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party to a candidate forum for Wellington Village Council. Two seats are up for election on March 11, 2014.

MODERATOR: Jim Sackett

CANDIDATES: The 2 incumbents, Anne Gerwig and Howard Coates.
The 2 challengers, Matt Kurit and Sharon Lascola, have not yet responded to our invitation. If they do not attend, we will tell you everything we have learned about them.

DATE: Thursday, February 20, 2014

TIME: 6-8 PM

PLACE: The Wanderer’s Club
1900 Aero Club Drive, Wellington, FL 33414

State road 80 west past State Road 7 to Binks Forest Dr. South on
Binks Forest Dr. to end (Aero Club Dr.). Right on Aero Club Dr. to S. Club Dr. Left on S. Club Dr. to entrance on left.

Please RSVP so we are prepared to accommodate you, using the button below:

There will be no food and there is no charge to attend.


Email: info@palmbeachcountyteaparty.org

Billy Vaughn Draws a Crowd in Abacoa

Last evening, “Betrayed” author Billy Vaughn captivated a packed house at Abacoa.

Father of a Navy Seal who died in the crash of a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan in 2011, Mr. Vaughn described what he found in trying to understand how this happened.

In an indictment of the rules of engagement that currently tie the hands of our forces in Afghanistan, he described the gulf that exists between the “war fighters” on the ground and their senior leadership.  More interested in winning the hearts and minds of the Afghans than in force protection or defeating the enemy, the current US conduct of the war greatly increases the risk and diminishes the effectiveness of our deployed forces.

He described our Afghan “allies” as untrustworthy and infiltrated by Taliban and Pakistan ISS, yet revealed that they are given full details of every special operation and have the authority to change the parameters or stop the  it altogether.  Describing the “ramp ceremony” following his son’s death, an Afghan Imam was taped (in his language) offering a prayer for the dead.  When he had the tape translated, it was revealed that the “prayers” were actually a diatribe against the American forces.

Predicting a dark future for the next generation if the current administration policies continue, his passion and outrage was clearly felt by the audience.

In other business, CD18 candidates Ellen Andel, and Calvin Turnquest introduced themselves, as did PBG Council candidate Robin Deaton, and recently re-elected PBG Mayor Bert Premuroso.

Of interest to Jupiter Chapter members is our upcoming City Council Candidate Forum to be held in the County Library in the Gardens on February 25 at 6PM.  The event is jointly sponsored by the Palm Beach County Tea Party, South Florida 912, PBGWatch, the PBG Residents Coalition, and the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches.


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