The FairTax Act

The current tax code has been grossly manipulated to reward elite interests. Compliance has become increasingly difficult and expensive. The federal income tax is extremely unfair to wage earning Americans and the average citizen of your district. Your leadership is imperative and is respectfully requested on this important issue.

The Fair Tax is fair to all Americans, and simple to understand. The Fair Tax bill represents an idea whose time has come. National polls show that more than two-thirds of Americans want fundamental tax reform. I am one of those Americans. I live, work, and vote in your district. I am personally requesting your support for the Fair Tax.

I ask you seriously to consider the Fair Tax for the following reasons:  

The Fair Tax Act offers long-needed tax relief to all Americans; allows us to keep 100 percent of our paycheck; allows families to save more for home ownership, education, and retirement; protects and ensures funding of Social Security and Medicare; empowers the low-income earners; puts choice and control back in the hands of every American; stimulates economic growth; removes hidden taxes; eliminates the Internal Revenue Service; and stimulates job creation and taxes ALL Americans fairly.

I urge you to become fully informed about the Fair Tax bill through Americans for Fair Taxation (FairTax.org). They can be reached at 1-800-FAIRTAX (324-7829).


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  1. Bev4FairTax Bev Martin says:

    The FairTaxHR25 is a freedom issue as well as an economic one. I am the Volunteer Grassroots Development Director for Missouri FairTax. I have been a FairTax promoter for four years. While originally supporting the bill because of the economic growth that would result from passage, with the ongoing revelations of the IRS abusing its powers I have begun to promote the FairTax as a liberty issue. The income tax with its strong-arm IRS is the brainchild of Karl Marx. It is the second plank of ten found in the Communist Manifesto. Both parties use the income tax to coerce businesses into compliance, to silence opposition and to provide a continual, renewable, unlimited source of funding for campaigns and perks. The book, Extortion should be read by every American. Once you read that book, you will have a better understanding of the depth of the corruption. Plus, or at least for me, one will realize that the individual is responsible for educating himself and then his neighbors about the FairTax since that bill would kill the golden goose of political corruption.

    My husband and I have an apartment in Jupiter. We alternate between Missouri and Florida. I look forward to hearing from you.

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