The Truth on Page 34552

“The Devil is in the Details or Simply Buried on Page 34552 Federal Register/ Vol. 75, No. 116 / Thursday, June 17, 2010 / Rules and Regulations.”

Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, allows people to keep their existing plans if they like them. But subsequent regulations from the Obama administration interpreted that provision so narrowly as to prevent most plans from gaining this protection.Forbes

I had to verify this as a fact and it will be re-printed for your reading pleasure. So it is a fact, we have been snookered, “sham-wowed” or however you might describe this latest deception. They knew all along that this rubbish or twaddle of a “health care” act was never designed to function in the manner that it was sold. I don’t want to paraphrase or leave out any of the telling facts so I will print the words of this deception verbatim from page Page 34552 Federal Register:

“These estimates are extended through 2013 by assuming that the identical percentage of plan sponsors will relinquish
grandfathering in each year. Again, to the extent that the 2008–2009 data reflect plans that are more likely to
make frequent changes in cost sharing, this assumption will overestimate the number of plans relinquishing grandfather status in 2012 and 2013. Under this assumption, the
Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will
relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013. The low-end estimates are for 49 percent and 34 percent of
small and large employer plans, respectively, to have relinquished grandfather status, and the high-end estimates are 80 percent and 64 percent, respectively.”

So……… on June 17, 2010 they knew that on the high side 80 percent of small business and 64 percent of large employers would relinquish their plans thus separating the American worker from his/her health care plan in the implementation year of 2013 or as we call it in “everyday language” —— NOW.

So much for “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan”.

The the Rose Garden Presidential infomercial is reminiscent of “There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum. And the sucker would be those who believed, against their own common sense, the American who allowed themselves to believe….

In this age of Amazon, Apple and other well working, slick and efficient computer info systems, the administration developed the technological version of the Edsel. For those “car buffs”, Ford Motor Company decided it needed another car line to compete against General Motors and in the spring of 1957, they began what was thought to be a highly successful ad campaign, “The Edsel is Coming”. But nobody could see this mystery car, just a glimpse of a hood ornament. Anyone involved with the Edsel was sworn to secrecy not to leak a word about what was being claimed to be a radically new and innovative motor car. For those who did buy an Edsel found that the car was plagued with shoddy workmanship. Many of the vehicles that showed up at the dealer showroom had notes attached to the steering wheel listing the parts not installed. It failed.

So in the end, what was done in the dark is exposed when the light is shined. The lies are being exposed but unfortunately most of this is either going to be buried by the next scandalous episode or simply ignored by those who believe the perfect smile with the beautiful dentures.

Still God is in charge:

Luke 8:17
New International Version

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

Have a wonderful day.


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    Angela Allen & Family wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy New Year. Thank you for being part of our team. Lets save our Country in 2014.

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