A Thought Before Turning In:

This morning we woke up to the fact that the shut-down is still going on. It will end when it is supposed to. A man immolates himself in the near the capital as pictures show joggers frantically trying to put out the flames. The man lighted himself on fire just a few blocks from where federal agents killed Miriam Carey after a car chase from the White House to the Capitol. And Washington Navy Yard, where Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people last month, is just over two miles away. Chaos.

Within this chaos, we have a president and minority leader of the House vilifying members of an opposition party (Republicans) by building violent images such as “guns to the head” while referring to them as anarchists, terrorists, jihadists, extremists and insurgents. All the while denying access to elderly veterans wanting to visit the monuments that their valor, large or small helped to create.

We have a health care act that only a minority of the people wanted but still passed by one party. We have exemptions for the friends of the”Ruler” of the country, while others are made to pay. We have members of the Republican Party so afraid that people will hate them, that they are willing to admit they had no convictions to begin with. they just wanted the “big job”. And they don’t understand that hating is one thing but the same people will now loathe them because they will throw in the towel and throw their fellow Republicans under the bus.
History never loved cowards and neither do the people.

As we ponder “outreach” to “minorities”, fight one another and “try to be good”, time marches on. And it is not on our side.

I read the biography of the DeBlasio family, soon to be mayor of New York, unless something changes. You have a far left politician, married to a black woman. The wife is out and honest about it,she is a lesbian/bisexual several years his senior. Pictures showing them shaking their boootay’s in the West Indian Day Parade, celebrating and celebrated with/by members of their party form a stark contrast to the vile excoriation my husband and I (as well as other conservative Blacks) are subjected to by both the some on the right and most on the left.

As we ponder who is next in line and we fool ourselves into believing the hype, the polls, and the glossolalia telling us that we are “winning”, time marches on. The sea of change starkly represented by two races, one in New York and the other in New Jersey should become the sign post up ahead.

Time marches on. The train has left the station and we did not get on board. We must strike a balance, take a stand, practice loyalty, find a unifying set of ideals and stand together or the party will disappear and eventually so will the Republic.

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