Hope, Harmony, and Thuggery

Good Sunday Morning!

In 2008, at the end of a long primary fight, then-Sen. Barack Obama gave a triumphant speech in St. Paul, Minn., in which he said it could be a pendulum-like moment for America.

“If Americans would work for it, he said, acknowledging his own limitations, that June was the moment to which “generations would look back” and say, among other things, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

He was speaking of his ascendency while referring to healing the planet from climate change, racial dis-harmony, and his overall ability to “fix” everything once the American people come to their senses and elect him.

To be quite frank, there are many who do worship him, as witnessed by the turnout and results of the last election. But the nagging problem still remains —- people seem even further divided by race, income level, ethnicity and political ideology.

What was really “hoped” for, in making Michelle Obama finally “proud of being an American” was at least to “right the wrongs” both perceived and true. People, racism DOES exist, lets be clear but so does sexism and a lot of other “isms”. But instead Obama, just as in his highly fictionalised accounts of his life in both of his books, invented an extreme level of victimization , reminding these groups —- black,gay, hispanic, poor, women and whatever “other than white male” group he could “muster up” of their victimization. This is a process, and the end result is not and can not be “harmony”. It was never meant to be.

From the very start, the American public, with their eyes misted over, crying about how “big” they felt by electing a man of color, and how “clean” they felt as they “washed the stain of racism” away by checking the box beside his name, believed in his fairy tale. Unfortunately it was about as false as his “composite girlfriends” in his much lauded and bought, but very much unread books.

By the same token, they lash out at the Black conservative. “How dare he/she?” We take away their Karma because they start to question what their lying eyes are telling them and it ain’t pretty. So what are their “lying eyes” telling them?

>With the exception of North Dakota, despite what the figures tell you, the unemployment rate is either the same or higher. Since the Workforce Participation rate is LOWER, it makes the overall unemployment APPEAR to be dropping, if the true numbers were published (they will never do that), you will find that it is over 10 percent.

>The relationship between the races has deteriorated rather than coalesced around this mythical harmony promised. Spates of Black on white crime have erupted around the country, largely ignored by the media. White on Black crime — reported ad nauseum with protests and weighing in by the President HIMSELF as well as the Justice department; Black on white crime — immediately some official jumps on TV declaring “it is not racial”.

This ends up being a continual process for this President and his handlers. All this while Chicago once again becomes the murder capital of the world. Black on Black crime, especially among Black males who represent 5.4 percent of the population but over 50% of the violent crime. But they remain victims, of “whitey”, who desires to “suppress” their ability to vote; who stops them from getting good education; who prevents them from _______.

>The actual decline in JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Manufacturing is back! So says the media, because the formula for counting the increase in manufacturing jobs has changed. Included in the new and improved formula are those jobs outsourced from an American manufacturer. In other words the 1000 new jobs in Malaysia outsourced from the Widget Factory in Toledo Ohio are counted as 1000 new American jobs.

>The upcoming deleterious effect of the Affordable Care Act AKA “Obamacare”. People are losing jobs right and left; losing health care; having to parse together part time jobs to make a living. This is bad policy people. And you don’t know the half of “what is in it”. I do. The problem is, we as Republicans are not all on one page. There are many who do not have the goal of winning. They have the goal of staying. They care only in saving their seat, so they aid the “other side” under the guise of “bipartisanship”. They only want to be safe in the trappings of office.

So back to “Obamacare”, Sarah Palin was right on a number of points, she just was not articulate enough to present the truth. That mixed with the perpetual clowning by the media and even those she thought to be on her side , diminished her abilities. McCain, well ….. not really worth a thought on this Sunday morning and Romney, while a very nice man did not have the courage in his DNA to do the job.

“Obamacare” is the law of the land now, bought with the few trinkets and candies as a sweetener for something that really ain’t so sweet.

And finally:

>America has become diminished on the international stage. Nuff said.

So then comes the “thuggery”. Remember the “citizen army” that most thought was so appalling? Well they are here, you imagined armies of brown shirted youths marching in lock step. You did not imagine the IRS, Navigators, select media outlets both radio and television such as MSNBC and various and sundry media personalities. That is the new citizen army and they DO march “lockstep” — check out their coordinated “news” broadcasts. And they are marching “Forward”, as promised.

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