Common Core Math

The emphasis will be upon “increasing the child’s critical thinking skills” by teaching them the “why” of the problems before stressing “how”. “More is expected of the students,” one article declares. “While they still have to memorize or have fluency in key math functions and do the math with speed and accuracy, they will have to demonstrate a deeper understanding of key concepts before moving on.”

In other words: “ It’s not enough for a student to be able to divide one fraction by another. He or she must also “use the relationship between multiplication and division to explain that (2/3) ÷ (3/4) = 8/9, because 3/4 of 8/9 is 2/3.”

Bottom line: “This approach not only complicates the simplest of math problems; it also leads to delays. Under the Common Core Standards, students will not learn traditional methods of adding and subtracting double and triple digit numbers until fourth grade. (Currently, most schools teach these skills two years earlier.) The standard method for two and three digit multiplication is delayed until fifth grade; the standard method for long division until sixth. In the meantime, the students learn alternative strategies that are far less efficient, but that presumably help them “understand” the conceptual underpinnings.” The Atlantic

As I have said before, setting a bar for instruction is a most important thing, however, your children have a finite amount of time in school. I wonder if this method has been tested adequately to endure that delayed instruction will increase their ability to understand mathematical concepts? I truly doubt it.

Another little piece. I have an exchange student from China living with my family. Her parents send her little pamphlets of “practice problems” in use by her old school to keep her proficient at mathematics. It consists of problems done in repetition with increasing difficulty. When she came to live with us last year, I asked her if she had already taken Geometry. She told me that she did, in her 10th year. It was not until a few weeks after that that I realized she was speaking of when she was 10 years old. Yes, the beginnings of geometry taught at 10 years old in China.

So, if the standard method for two and three digit multiplication is delayed until the fifth grade, — the average American child will be 10 – 11 years old learning early elementary concepts in mathematics.

My, unless I am incorrect, and believe me I hope I am…… With the Common Core Curriculum, children will be behind in math and ahead in the reading of racy material for English class. Or ……very talented teachers will have to augment… I really think this first batch of children are going to be the guinea pigs. Do we really want that?

Are We Going to Remain Number 1!

Good Sunday Morning!

“We’re number 1!” “YEAH” “We’re number 1”

On the world stage, yes we as the mighty America have become smaller. Not so small yet, but there is still time. The confusion and lack of direction on the domestic stage is bolstered by legions of special interest actors and “handlers” that make any of the bungles and bad and poorly thought out policy such as the financial boondoggle known widely as “Obamacare” come to fruition.

On the international stage Obama has not been quite so lucky — at least with the sober leaders of other countries, who tend not to be excited or “weak kneed” about his “dazzling” smile (I concur with them), his eloquent teleprompter, nor his ability to say “um” more than 30 times in a 5 minute speech.

Part of it could be could be the language and cultural barriers — “um” may not be as cute in the international arena.

And seriously, he is up against some really seasoned leaders. Let’s take for example Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani is fluent in Persian, English and Arabic. As for his background — both in the arena of education, politics and and the military this very cool customer has shown that he has a demeanor of steel. The we have the much spoken about Vladimir Putin. Former KGB, fluent in several languages, hardened. Well, you get the picture, they are not impressed. But quietly in our own hearts we watch the President stride in 30 – 45 minutes late for a state dinner, walking the distance like he was striding the “cat walk” at Fashion Week in New York. Smiling and waving, the only thing left for him to do is stop, suck in his cheeks, put his hands on his hips and pirouet for the crowd.

But America is still the greatest nation on this earth. Exceptional, yes indeed. Perhaps that is why we feel as though we have nothing to prove, we are on the “auto-pilot” of greatness. So we take our eyes off the ball, elections are boring, football on the other hand is interesting —- we shoot people at football games over “our team”, we beat them up. At baseball games, middle aged women fight 10 year olds for a ball and then get a “high-five” from friends. I hope she did the “victory” lap around her neighborhood and gets a banner as the “old lady” who beat the kid out of a baseball.

We wait with “bated breath” while the erstwhile president fills out his “brackets” for the Final Four basketball tournament. Over one thousand headlines are produced during that time analyzing his “picks”. America becomes the Alpha Beta Delta frat house party. We are drunk with adoration for our “homie”, yo, yo, yo. Because “we be number 1”. Right, yeah….

Meanwhile, we elect a conference of old men to decipher and fight for our rights. People who can still remember using rotary telephones, people to whom the term “wacka … whtever” means something. And they get bamboozled. And we get a new health care law that is going to leave the economy in a shambles and our health care in a tizzy. For a while. At least.
If that were the only thing, but it is not.

And the problem with being the team in first place, and we should know that from all the sports we watch, other teams vie for that position. So we as team America better watch our sides as they have already declared us as “not exceptional”. And they don’t seem impressed.

A Note about the West Family

A Personal Note before Retiring for the Evening.

It was 6 months ago that I decided to start this page. One of the reasons I started this Page was that I love to write and I am a voracious reader. As a former professor, researcher, and teacher I absolutely LOVE the hunt for interesting as well as provocative material. I read and I ENJOY your comments. It has been and I hope it will continue to be a delightful andragogical learning experience. I learn from you and hopefully you learn something from me. A wonderful give and take. And believe me sometimes the “hunt” can be a daunting experience in today’s “journalistically empty” environment. Instead of worthwhile stories, you find a plethora of idiocy about people’s personal lives (gossip) and all around foolishness.

Therefore, when I share links to stories, you will find that I use a small circle of trusted venues. Anything odd, I will check to make sure that it is factual and correct.

Well, for the millionth time I have come across something that is not factual. In FACT, this has turned out to be a hurtful smear. You see, in the era of the news as propaganda, even the television news becomes a vehicle for political agendas. And I want to clear the record because it is about my husband and myself —- two subjects that I know well.

>First and foremost, my husband has decided to take on a lesser role at PJ Media. He has other aspirations for his life. And guess what? He is allowed to do so. He is a free man. And he is a “grown-up”.

>Second, I left the Board of Trustees with Florida Atlantic University after 2 years because I have other obligations —- most notably I have a business that keeps me monumentally busy, I am a mother and I have other activities that I wanted to get back to. I am allowed to do that. I am a free woman. And I am a “grown-up”.

>Neither one of those movements required that he (my husband) be “fired” or my being “bounced” or “fired”. We just moved on. That is part of life, you do one thing and then it leads to something else. We are allowed to do this and we have this right. We value our freedom as “gown-ups”.

But I suppose the most outlandish innuendo made was that my husband is anti-semitic. This foolishness, similar to the screech of “racism” or “homophobia” has become the mantra for ruining lives and families particularly in South Florida. My daughter happens to be a young Black woman who is a member of a traditionally Jewish sorority, their goals and the caliber of young women appealed to her. She is a “grown-up” and she is free. AND , if you ask me, that represents PROGRESS. We, as Black people, no longer have to cluster in ALL Black environments, we don’t have to think alike, we don’t have to vote alike. Progress occurs when emancipation is not only physical, but mentally and intellectually, as well.

In addition, my husband and I are supporting a Jewish IDF soldier through university studies —— the full 4 years —- fully paid, “full ride”. A Black family with humble roots making this leap — now THATS progress….

We reject any charge of antisemitism, it is not in our DNA and never will be. We also reject any charges of racism, homophobia, islamophobia, agoraphobia, misogyny (hatred of women), misandry (hatred of men), sexism, atheism , anarchism and any other “phobia” or “ism” that anyone might find or make up.

We are a multi-racial, multi-faith, multicultural family with friends of the same type of mind. We just require that you bring your “thinking cap” to our get-togethers because the discussions are usually lively, intelligent and interesting. In other words, come packing a brain, not gossip and foolishness.

In closing for this evening……… It has been a great 6 months. I am so impressed with the civility that our little Page has garnered. It is almost like a cozy place to express ideas without the name calling, attacks and vitriol. And without the posturing of false intellectualism. How wonderful that the Ph.D.’s and the high school graduates , each with something to say , can express their minds without fear or hesitation……..What a breath of “fresh conservative air”. And I sincerely thank all of you for teaching me. I have enjoyed it an hope to reach out to all of you tomorrow.


Quotes of Ted Cruz

Good Wednesday Morning…..

” I will fight for America until I can no longer stand”

“If standing for liberty and standing for the Constitution makes you a ‘wacko bird,’ then count me a proud wacko bird,”

“It is apparently very, very important to be invited to all the right cocktail parties in town. Now, I’ll confess: I don’t go to a whole lot of cocktail parties in town.”

“I don’t know if it’s the water, something in the air, the cherry blossoms, but people get here and they stop listening to the American people.”

“We don’t work for the lobbyists with tasseled loafers who walk the halls, but the single mom working in the diner.”

“I don’t think there’s been a day on this floor that I haven’t worn my argument boots. … I am not in my argument boots and I will confess, I really do feel embarrassed by that.”

Are we seeing the birth of a REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY? As long as McCain et al. still exist —( remembered lately for his worthless tabloid critique of Putin), only time will tell ……… But remember the “despised” — in office or out are usually the ones with something worthwhile to say, messages worthwhile to hear…… AND changes worthwhile to be made.

People argue that this filibuster “stunt” makes no difference. I disagree and time will tell out on this one. It is the first time in a long time the Republican Senate stood up…… for something more important than their own seat.


Stop Tryin’ to Mess with Me; I don’t feel no ways tired.

Good Tuesday Evening!

Let’s face it, as we call for diversity within the Republican Party, one thing is certain —- that the Black vote is OWNED by the Democrat Party. So why the occasional “racial dog whistles” from members of that party. I will tell you why, because they feel that every once in a while, instead of calling out problems in the Black community and trying to make them better, they have to show how “SOLID dey are wit de ignant folks”. Ebonics, establishes a bond between those in the Black community, while also creating an identity that separates the community from the mainstream group. That’s the point here, a biracial man who is President and a white woman who WANTS to be the President use will shamelessly use Ebonics to separate one segment of the population, solidify their union with them and appeal to this base union by showing how “ghetto” they can be. Right along with them.

The problem is that most of Black America grew up in the larger American community and it’s hard to be a full member of a community if you can’t speak the correct language – in this case, standard English, the language of education, business, and government.

As Walter Williams stated, VERY ELOQUENTLY,” “I don’t feel no ways tired. I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. I don’t believe He brought me this far,” drawled presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton, mimicking black voice to a black audience, at the First Baptist Church of Selma, Alabama. I’m wondering if Mrs. Clinton visits an Indian reservation she might cozy up to them saying, “How! Me not tired. Me come heap long way. Road mighty rough. Sky Spirit no bring me this far.” Or, seeking the Asian vote she might say, “I no wray tired. Come too far I started flum. Road berry clooked. Number one Dragon King take me far.”

Nope, I ‘m pretty sure that she would not do such a thing…..

And what about the President? Who can forget Joe Biden’s famous praise of Barack Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

I supposed that for a long time Joe Biden was hanging around with some really funky smelling ,dirty, inarticulate and ugly Black folks. I would certainly hope that he was not referring to the Congressional Black Caucus, since they would be one of his only reference points.

And then Harry Reid stated: Obama’s success was due to his “light-skinned appearance and speaking patterns with no negro dialect.” Well, he does have light skin. Michelle does not, but she is also successful. But the lack of “negro dialect” is the “sticking point” here.

Could it be that the President and Hillary Clinton to name but two of the Democrat Party that has been known to slip into the “Ghetto Speak” or “Ebonics” mode —- (Debbie Wasserman Schultz is another — she has a great love for a man called Jim Crow —- she speaks of him always in a pinch.) are doing so to pander to a group that they consider too stupid to know the difference?

My it would be as funny as when Ted Danson made a really bizarre tribute to his then girlfriend Whoopie Goldberg. Danson experienced substantial negative press attention on October 8, 1993 after his appearance in blackface at a Friar’s Club comedy roast in honor of then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. In his monologue, Danson made extensive use of offensive racial stereotypes, used the word “nigger” more than a dozen times, and ate a watermelon. What could he have been thinking……

Probably the same as the aforementioned pair and the others. That it is OK to “relate” in this way to “those people”. They will appreciate it and welcome me and my ideas. Nevermind that this sets the group aside even more. There are so many problems within the Black community, our politicians don’t have to solidify that feeling of “differentness”, that feeling of “inferiority”, that feeling of “self hatred” that manifests itself in the level of “Black on Black” crime; poverty; unemployment; 76 percent of children growing up without responsible male figures; gang violence; anti-social behavior; poor school performance; …… and the list goes on…..

No one has to speak like a “caricature” of a sharecropper from the deep south. That is an insult to the “proper speaking” sharecroppers in the deep south.

Rally for the Inspector General – WPB, Pay Your Bills!

Join us as West Palm Beach City Watch rallies to protest the WPB-led lawsuit against the Inspector General funding.

Who is the “White Widow” and Why Should I Care?

Good Monday Evening All!

It has been a really busy day but I wanted to write before turning in a bit. Masked gunmen stormed into a fancy, crowded mall in Nairobi on Saturday and shot dead at least 39 people and wounded more than 150 in one of the most chilling terrorist attacks in East Africa since Al Qaeda blew up two American embassies in 1998.NYT

Several witnesses said the attackers had shouted for Muslims to run away while they picked off other shoppers, executing them one by one. The mall, one of Nairobi’s most luxurious, with glass elevators and some of the most expensive shops in town, is also popular with expatriates.NYT

The Shabab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia, took responsibility for the attack. So……… it does not affect us, right? Wrong.

Al-Shabaab is claiming that there are American gunmen among
them. Not only that they are also from Finland, Canada, the UK., Somalia and Kenya. A really horrific coalition of cultures. In addition, witnesses have reported seeing a white woman among the shooters.

Soooooo….. who are these three men and this “white” woman. No one would ever believe that these American made terrorists could be from our heartland… Minnesota.

Minnesota has become a quiet battleground in a miniature, homegrown war on terror, pitting government authorities and their allies in the Somali community against fiery youths and their champions in the hardline mosques and among the ranks of angry, alienated Somali immigrants. A slew of nonprofit groups has sprung up to defend the mosques, claiming the connection between churches and terror recruits is overblown.

But they were simply the soldiers. The apparent leader is a young English woman by referred to as the “White Widow” otherwise known as Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as Sherafiyah Lewthwaite or the White Widow, is an alleged member of the Somali radical Islamic militant group, Al-Shabaab. She is the widow of Germaine Lindsay, one of the suicide-bombers of the 7 July 2005 London bombings.

Germaine Lindsey, (23 September 1985 – 7 July 2005), also known as Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, originally of Jamaica and later West Yorkshire England, was one of the four homegrown Islamist terrorists who detonated bombs on three trains on the London Underground and one bus in central London during the 7 July 2005 London bombings, killing 56 people (including themselves), and injuring more than 700. Lindsay detonated the bomb that killed 26 other people on a train travelling on the Piccadilly line between the King’s Cross St. Pancras and Russell Square tube stations.Wiki

Lewthwaite aka the White Widow, is allegedly a financer, recruiter and spokesman for Al-Shabaab as well as a young mother of three —- the youngest being approximately 5 years old.. She has also been accused of orchestrating grenade attacks at worship centers of religions other than Islam. She is believed to be behind an attack on those watching soccer in a bar in Mombasa during Euro 2012. In September 2013, the Kenyan government accused her of being one of the organizers of the Nairobi mall attack.

She apparently came from a rather respectable background, driven apparently murderously insane by her parents divorce, she found solace by hanging around with the neighborhood Muslims and reportedly found comfort in their “conservative” family life. She met her first husband on the internet and captured the newlywed Germaine Lindsay while he was a short eight days into his honeymoon. She later bore him a son, her eldest who is about 10 years old now.

Lindsay managed to blow himself up while murdering 26 innocent people. She was pregnant with their second child at the time. But don’t worry about it, she has NO compassion for man or woman; boy or girl ——- as long as you are not Muslim, you are fair game for this fair lass.

So, Angela, it is not happening here…….why worry about it? Well, sometimes we envision the heartland of the United States as being our last “wholesome” frontier. We listen to the “bitter clingers” froth and assume that is all. Well it is not. As a member of a women’s group while we lived in Kansas, I volunteered at something called the “Share Closet” — basically people in need could come to “shop” for free clothing, shoes, and other new goods donated by individuals and stores. I would see midwestern caucasian girls – one told me she had never set foot outside of the Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma area, get married to men from the Middle East. One day shorts and tennis shoes, ponytails and lipstick; the next (it seems) they were covered from head to toe wearing the traditional garb for women of the Islamic faith. Certainly, they could have fallen in love and traipsed off into the sunset, but the point is — change has come to ALL parts of this country. One of the gunmen in Nairobi was from Kansas City by the way.

What is the difference between here or there (the US and Nairobi)? Nothing, just a matter of time…. if we are unlucky. And I pray we never find out…

What is Progress, is it a just a Mirage?

There is nothing new under the sun……

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

Some people’s lives are ruled by sex, drugs, alcohol, false religion some are ruled by politics, some by gambling and other “pleasure principles” of the world, I have found out — sometimes the hard way and sometimes vicariously that you can not find “true happiness” in those things, what you find is a “true mirage”. That is why the pleasure found in one glass of alcohol or (likker as my husband refers to it) today will progress into 10 glasses tomorrow —- chasing happiness. A little “shotgun” hit from a friend was sufficient enough at one time for the drug addled junkie of today —- now not able to do much more than search for the next “high” —- they too are chasing happiness. A mirage, not real…

The human brain is geared towards “chasing happiness”. We want to make ourselves “happy” and in doing so we reach for things that we perceive to make us “happy”. The “love possessed” will seek man after man or woman after woman searching for their “Mr. or Mrs. Goodbar” —– hoping that they will find “happiness” through the application of another’s will — they will degrade themselves in public and private searching for that “pleasure”. It is even encouraged as many of the so-called “stars” have done nothing much besides filming themselves having sex. And most of you know that every gambler “knows” the next game played will yield the “big one”. —All worries aside they will be RICH and shower the friends and family with RICHES — also a mirage.

I have found this same fervor, this same seeking and searching associated with the idea of being a “Progressive”. In its strictest sense, the word progressive means “happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.” The key here is “step by step” development….

Does the world need progress? Of course it does…. Who would want to live in a world where women are treated as chattel, without claim to anything, who would want to live in a world where Blacks are slaves and where people are exploited merely for the degree of melanin contained in their skin —- no one. On a personal note, when I graduated from college I took the Greyhound $200.00 special from my college in the Midwest to New York City. Alone. I arrived at a relative’s house on a Saturday and stayed for the next year. I found a job as a secretary (even though I had a double major degree and could speak a couple of languages) —- I worked to be the BEST secretary I could be. My boss was a woman I met on my way to another interview, we shared coffee at the same table because the cafe was full. We spoke casually about a little town in Germany named Augsburg, told dumb jokes in the southern German dialect, she played the lute and I spoke about my mediocre talents as a violinist. We became fast friends. She asked me where I worked, I told her I was interviewing at 9:30 for a job. She looked amazed —- I will never forget this — she said —- “It is only 8:00” —- I ended up as her secretary for 6 months then on to assistant product manager for the next 2. That was progress.

One of the fellows that I worked with at the time was/is gay. The company we worked for is a very famous cosmetics concern. We hung out ALL of the time, being the same age — he is just maybe 5 years older. “Tom” called me on my first Christmas morning in New York, very upset, asking me to drive out to his father’s house in New Jersey to pick him up. I borrowed my Aunt’s car and promptly went to pick him up — you drive 60 miles or so in the snow, on Christmas morning to pick up a friend when you are 22. It seems the family opened their presents at midnight and his father and two brothers each wrapped up gold hangers and put them under the tree —- as his gift. The words were “come out of the closet” and other “funny” sayings…. More than 25 people witnessed this “funny” humiliation. He spent the day with my family eating caribbean food, watching the same old Jimmy Stewart movies and my aunt even found at least 3 presents for him. (We buy and store presents through the year)…. I hope we have all progressed beyond that.

So “progress” in its strictest sense, is a necessity for life and we usually want the best. But what happens when progress becomes a method for bending nation’s people to your will, to do what might not be in their best interest? What happens when progress means that a minority of people work within a framework promising “pleasure”, “riches” , “providing equality” and overall “happiness” while delivering unemployment, food stamps, welfare, a polluted school curriculum, a healthcare plan that they don’t even want, socialism and diminished hope? You get the present situation and that is NOT “progress” in its strictest sense.

Hope, Harmony, and Thuggery

Good Sunday Morning!

In 2008, at the end of a long primary fight, then-Sen. Barack Obama gave a triumphant speech in St. Paul, Minn., in which he said it could be a pendulum-like moment for America.

“If Americans would work for it, he said, acknowledging his own limitations, that June was the moment to which “generations would look back” and say, among other things, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

He was speaking of his ascendency while referring to healing the planet from climate change, racial dis-harmony, and his overall ability to “fix” everything once the American people come to their senses and elect him.

To be quite frank, there are many who do worship him, as witnessed by the turnout and results of the last election. But the nagging problem still remains —- people seem even further divided by race, income level, ethnicity and political ideology.

What was really “hoped” for, in making Michelle Obama finally “proud of being an American” was at least to “right the wrongs” both perceived and true. People, racism DOES exist, lets be clear but so does sexism and a lot of other “isms”. But instead Obama, just as in his highly fictionalised accounts of his life in both of his books, invented an extreme level of victimization , reminding these groups —- black,gay, hispanic, poor, women and whatever “other than white male” group he could “muster up” of their victimization. This is a process, and the end result is not and can not be “harmony”. It was never meant to be.

From the very start, the American public, with their eyes misted over, crying about how “big” they felt by electing a man of color, and how “clean” they felt as they “washed the stain of racism” away by checking the box beside his name, believed in his fairy tale. Unfortunately it was about as false as his “composite girlfriends” in his much lauded and bought, but very much unread books.

By the same token, they lash out at the Black conservative. “How dare he/she?” We take away their Karma because they start to question what their lying eyes are telling them and it ain’t pretty. So what are their “lying eyes” telling them?

>With the exception of North Dakota, despite what the figures tell you, the unemployment rate is either the same or higher. Since the Workforce Participation rate is LOWER, it makes the overall unemployment APPEAR to be dropping, if the true numbers were published (they will never do that), you will find that it is over 10 percent.

>The relationship between the races has deteriorated rather than coalesced around this mythical harmony promised. Spates of Black on white crime have erupted around the country, largely ignored by the media. White on Black crime — reported ad nauseum with protests and weighing in by the President HIMSELF as well as the Justice department; Black on white crime — immediately some official jumps on TV declaring “it is not racial”.

This ends up being a continual process for this President and his handlers. All this while Chicago once again becomes the murder capital of the world. Black on Black crime, especially among Black males who represent 5.4 percent of the population but over 50% of the violent crime. But they remain victims, of “whitey”, who desires to “suppress” their ability to vote; who stops them from getting good education; who prevents them from _______.

>The actual decline in JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Manufacturing is back! So says the media, because the formula for counting the increase in manufacturing jobs has changed. Included in the new and improved formula are those jobs outsourced from an American manufacturer. In other words the 1000 new jobs in Malaysia outsourced from the Widget Factory in Toledo Ohio are counted as 1000 new American jobs.

>The upcoming deleterious effect of the Affordable Care Act AKA “Obamacare”. People are losing jobs right and left; losing health care; having to parse together part time jobs to make a living. This is bad policy people. And you don’t know the half of “what is in it”. I do. The problem is, we as Republicans are not all on one page. There are many who do not have the goal of winning. They have the goal of staying. They care only in saving their seat, so they aid the “other side” under the guise of “bipartisanship”. They only want to be safe in the trappings of office.

So back to “Obamacare”, Sarah Palin was right on a number of points, she just was not articulate enough to present the truth. That mixed with the perpetual clowning by the media and even those she thought to be on her side , diminished her abilities. McCain, well ….. not really worth a thought on this Sunday morning and Romney, while a very nice man did not have the courage in his DNA to do the job.

“Obamacare” is the law of the land now, bought with the few trinkets and candies as a sweetener for something that really ain’t so sweet.

And finally:

>America has become diminished on the international stage. Nuff said.

So then comes the “thuggery”. Remember the “citizen army” that most thought was so appalling? Well they are here, you imagined armies of brown shirted youths marching in lock step. You did not imagine the IRS, Navigators, select media outlets both radio and television such as MSNBC and various and sundry media personalities. That is the new citizen army and they DO march “lockstep” — check out their coordinated “news” broadcasts. And they are marching “Forward”, as promised.

Jupiter Chapter Meeting – October 7

PROGRAM: An In Depth Discussion on Common Core and 7/50

SPEAKERS: Leigh Lamson and Phyliss Frey – American Coalition for Property Rights
Janet Campbell – Florida Stop Common Core Coalition

DATE: Monday, October 7, 2013.

TIME: 5:30 PM Dinner (Soup & Sandwiches $13, tax and gratuity included, Cash Bar);
6:30 PM Meeting (no charge).

PLACE: Abacoa Golf Club, 105 Barbados Dr., Jupiter, FL 33458.

DIRECTIONS: Donald Ross Rd. to Parkside Dr. North on Parkside Dr. 0.4 miles to Barbados Dr. Left on Barbados Dr. to first driveway on Left.


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