I will no Longer be Taken for Granted

This blog has partisan political overtones and is therefore not to be construed as the opinion of the organization or any of its members other than myself.

For the last several presidential election cycles the Republican Party has nominated liberal presidential candidates and assumed they would get the votes of the conservatives who, while they disliked the Republican Candidate, disliked the Democrat candidate more and had no place else to go.

I hereby serve notice that I, for one, will no longer succumb to that logic. I will no longer vote for a non-conservative, regardless of party affiliation. The previous liberal candidates were losers, and there is nothing gained by voting for another loser.

Any political party desiring this conservative’s vote will need to produce a conservative candidate.


One Response to “I will no Longer be Taken for Granted”
  1. mgrossman91 says:

    Palm Beach County Tea Party & Tea Parties across the country are getting stronger please join us & have your voice heard.

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