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The Palm Beach County Tea Party (PBCTP) Oversight Function helps members understand current events. Below is a copy of what was sent out in the weekly email. The text beneath each link is a synopsis of the material. A visit to the link provides more detail.

Items in this report generally satisfy the following four criteria:
Underreported: Not likely to be seen or heard elsewhere by the reader
Timely: Occurred since the previous report was issued.
Germaine: Deals with Tea Party precepts and/or Constitutional issues.
Non-Fiction: Not just on someone’s wish list.

Previous reports are available at: Archives.

This report does not represent any official positions of the PBCTP.

Oversight Contributors and the initials used to identify their contributions are: Marion Frank – M.F., Barbara & Mel Grossman – B.M.G.

Please send any comments you have to Oversight.

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The day for the Oversight Report release has been moved from Friday to Sunday to better accommodate the work schedule of the bureaucrats and politicians generating nefarious laws and regulations that enlarge the size and reach of government and pile up unsustainable levels of debt.

When this email was drafted the U.S. Debt was over $18,920,000,000,000.



3 Responses to “OVERSIGHT”
  1. Just wondering why Tea Party members are not doing Oversight in other counties. Can you help with Oversight startups in other counties? What is the suggested structure for oversight work load? How many are needed to keep track and on going Oversight of past topics?
    Bob Davidson

  2. Vance Jochim says:

    This Oversight column seems to be just on Federal Issues.
    This is a good idea.

    However, in Lake County, FL, I write a blog at http://www.fiscalrangers.com on LOCAL County government agency fiascos and issues, and state or Federal issues only if a localized issue can be defined. I figure everyone watches Fox and follows Federal issues, and then don’t do anything. For instance, this page only cites Federal problems but no action by the PalmBeach Tea party about the issue. I get most of the same info by liking various Facebook pages. However, a blog on local issues can GET change reporting on local issues, and every local elected official knows me and returns calls. I make biweekly “local issues” report to the local North Lake Tea Party, and also the local Republican Party. I communicate to officials and readers by restricted lists on email, posting on the blog and using Constant Contacts for wide distribution.

    We also have a YouTube channel of local political events and speakers at the FiscalRangersFlorida YouTube channel. One of my videos of the local Republican seminar on Common Core has had over 650 views. I don’t get many views on most videos, but showing up with a video camera sure improves the quality of discussion and reduces stupid comments.

    An example of localizing a Federal issue would be looking up local stimulus grants at Recovery.org and finding out what happened to the funds for the local grants.

    Additionally, subscribe to Watchdogwire.com AND Florida Watch Dog.

    Vance Jochim

  3. The Chinese military blog that specializes in articles about military equipment of the United States, Russia and China, said that several Chinese ships are already close to the shores of Syria, citing its sources in the PLA. If the U.S. attacks Syria are these ships there to respond?

    I find this of interest because I just received word, that 400 Fort Hood Troops have been ordered to Egypt, and the rest to Syria….people are now trying to find out how true this is, but people from other states are reporting new troop movements in their states…

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