June Jupiter Meeting

The last few weeks have certainly been very interesting. What many of us have long suspected as reality is starting to be proven true. Each day more details emerge regarding the IRS blatant misuse of their powers in targeting Tea Parties and other conservative groups.

Originally we had planned to do training on media relations; however, in light of these developments, we believe that it is necessary to address the IRS issue at our June meetings.

Our meetings will follow our new format of having a presentation, followed by our messaging and a training on what we all need to do with the information.

We will be discussing the most up-to-date information on the IRS abuses, our current filing status and the actions we will all need to take.

Let me make this very clear: This is a very, very serious situation that impacts all Americans of all faiths and political persuasions. We are talking about the most powerful arm of the United States government targeting specific Americans and organizations for increased scrutiny and intimidation.

This must not stand and we must be the ones to stop it.


Monday, June 3, 2013 5:30pm

Soup, Sandwiches and Pastries ($13)

6:30 Program Abacoa Golf Club 105 Barbados Drive, Jupiter, Florida 33458

Please join us!  Doors open at 5:00pm, with a cash bar.  Dinner begins promptly at 5:30pm, and our meeting begins at 6:30pm.   You can attend our meeting at 6:30pm at no cost, but we encourage you to come for the dinner.  This will be a great evening of like-minded fellowship, and a true sense of deep patriotism permeates the experience– please RSVP on the button below!


One Response to “June Jupiter Meeting”
  1. Bert Shadowen says:

    There will be a Summit Meeting or the 7/50 program at the
    WPB Convention Ctr. on June 19 – 21. Discussing the implementation of their
    SE Fl. Partnership, establishing one regional planning council of the SE seven counties.
    We need people there. I will have more info at the June 3rd. meeting.

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