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Hello, Fellow Lovers of Liberty!

I want to thank all of your who are planning with your friends and your family to come out to the United Stand for America. We appreciate your sharing and promoting of this pivotal event.

We all know that America is in dire circumstances on many levels. Our economic problems are glaring and obvious. Yet the cause of that looming catastrophe is not fundamentally economic, it is caused by misguided – or nonexistent – principles. We need to approach the solution to this problem and others not in a superficial fashion, but by addressing our solutions to the causes of the issues.

These solutions will be simple in principle and concept, though they will by no means be easy to carry out. Nevertheless it is absolutely imperative that we carry out the effort. Our children’s lives, and their children’s lives…in fact our own lives, are jeopardized by the huge amount of debt we are all assuming, on a scale never before imagined in any generation before.

I have 2 young children growing up facing this burden, and I fear that, if we as a nation do not immediately begin to be economically responsible, my children will be living in a very different country than the one we all grew up knowing…and it will happen because we allowed it to happen.

Yet, even in the face of this crisis, we are pressured to toe party lines on stereotyped grounds, and those people who choose not to occupy the box in which they are expected to reside, because of the color of their skin, or their gender, or some other aspect of their background, are reviled, and subject to vitriolic attacks. We absolutely must break out of those stereotyped ways of thinking. We have to reach out to the vast group of people who don’t belong in any stereotype, who may not realize the fact that they are our allies. There are far more of them than you might think. We have to make outreach, and inclusion, a central plank in our platform, instead of the easy acceptance and reinforcement of false presumptions.

We must also remind our fellow Americans just why limited government is so crucial, and help them to recognize that government tinkering and intervention has only acted to decrease our prosperity, as individuals and as a nation. Before we leave for the USA event tomorrow, lets make sure to call our friends and knock on our neighbors’ doors and invite them to come with us and share in the conversation. Let’s invite the business-owners in our neighborhoods, in our personal networks, in our LinkedIn contacts, and point out to them that America the highest corporate income tax rate in the world, beating out openly communist and socialist nations. Because of this, the business environment in America has devolved into a trackless morass.

Just look at the history of Detroit in the last 60 years. Detroit was once among the leading manufacturing regions in the world, and the wealthiest locale in America. Over time, the government’s intervention, coupled with the effects of Union overreaching, priced the workforce in the area out of the market…and contributed to the decline and fall of a great city, which now retains a fraction of its former population, many of whom only stay because they have been so devastated by the economic collapse that they have no ability to go anywhere else.

Do not think we are safe in affluent and wealthy neighborhoods in Palm Beach Country from such possibilities. Detroit is a visceral reminder, a microcosm of what could happen to the entire country. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan used to be so prestigious that the CEO of General Motors, the largest corporation in the world, called it his home. Now it too is suffering from the blight that has stricken the entirety of Southeastern Michigan.

These are also the reasons we in the Palm Beach County Tea Party are so concerned about the Medicaid expansion issue. The public has been misdirected by the fact that the State of Florida is being offered “federal money.” People are being disingenuously misled that the Medicaid expansion is to be financed by free money. Yet we know that it’s not. Federal money means nothing, because there simply is no money there anymore. We are in so much debt that our entire country’s economy is on the verge of collapsing on itself, because right now we aren’t creating anything like enough wealth to keep up with the bills.

We need to go into all levels of communities and remind people about this fact. The attacks by the President on the wealthy are reprehensible smoke and mirrors, stating that they must pay their “fair share” when they already pay the vast majority of the tax revenues, which are being poured into a pit of debt that is being dug far more rapidly than anyone could ever fill it. These wealth-disparaging statements breed enmity between people whose interest coincide, because the primary interest is rapidly becoming simple survival. When each side thinks the other is somehow taking or keep something that doesn’t belong to them–the fallacies that the wealthy have unfairly large amounts of money that they obtained by cheating, or that the poor just want everything given to them and don’t want to work and support themselves–the only ones who benefit are those who would seek power over the lives of others.
That is not the American way. We should be outraged that such concepts are being given respect and credence in our country.

Our speakers tomorrow are some of the most important patriots that we have in the Conservative movement. The very thought of throwing in the towel on our country would never cross their minds. They are reaching out to people from all walks of life, to urge them to take responsibility for their government, for their actions, for their prosperity. These admirable individuals are helping us call America to action, helping us to look at ourselves and reassess our priorities, to reach out to each other as lovers of our country, of freedom, and to recognize that freedom is responsibility for one’s actions.

We must seize this call to action, with the energy born of our righteous indignation, we must be heard…and above all we must be seen, as we lead by example, as we reach out and as we make our STAND. We cannot give up. We cannot let the fact of the dysfunction in Washington or the election last year make us despair. We must be galvanized to action as we have never been before. The loss of the election is no reason not to stand up. We are not looking for a “dear leader,” we are not looking for a “savior.” We are our own only saviors. We are individually responsible.

We must make our Stand, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

Thank you.

Dominique Feldman
Communications Director
Palm Beach County Tea Party

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