Wake up Americans!

How amazingly crazy is this picture!  When are we the uninformed American people going to say enough is enough and hold this sorry excuse for the leader of the free world accountable? 

The insane reporting this morning through various media outlets should have headlines, “Obama blaming Republicans for his own sequestration idea”—but I don’t believe that I have seen this yet.  Obama after his boondogles three day golf extravaganza in Florida this past weekend, has returned to Washington in full campaign mode.  Instead of dealing and working with Congress over the sequestration which again was his idea (and this was not denied but confirmed by Jay Carney), he is in campaign mode and is taking the case to the American people. 

Let me understand this—the sequestration idea was proposed by the White house because during the debt crisis negotiations at the end of the year, the democrats and White house could not and were not willing to deal with a spending problem resulting in our country spending over a trillion dollars more than we are taking in.  It was a tactic that the White House came up with for “kicking the proverbial can down the road.”   It was putting a plan into place that they simply could not come to grips with last year—and now they are blaming the Republicans!  This is craziness. 

Just yesterday, Obama stated “If Congress allows this meat-cleaver approach to take place, it will jeopardize our military readiness; it will eviscerate job creating investments in education and energy and medical research.”  What? Mr. O—this was your plan—why are you blaming the Congress!  American people wake up—call his bluff!  Americans need to understand that he is threatening that if can’t get what he wants, he will inflict pain on everybody else.  Insane!  Furthermore, the sequestration represents only a 2.3% reduction in spending of the now $3.6 trillion that they are spending. 

Are you telling me that our government and it’s wastefulness can’t cut 5% of their budget—my friends—I have been in business for more than 40 years, I have cut my budgets in the past in given years by 10%—again, this rhetoric and logic is simply BS on a plate!  Wake up America—hold this guy responsible!  This is not rocket science stuff—this is very simple—responsible actions that we the people must insist our government take now to reverse this crazy drunken sailor spending agenda of this administration.  Tea Party hold your ground!  Fiscal responsibility is your tenant and we the American people are simply asking our government to be fiscally responsible.


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