The Tea Party Response to the State of the Union

Dear Palm Beach County Tea Party,

I hope that your February is going well. I, for one, am thankful that I wasn’t in my native Massachusetts during the most recent blizzard. I can deal with a little rain without any problems!

On Tuesday night, the President gave his State of the Union address. We received the following response to the President’s speech from Tea Party Patriots:

“Tonight, the President said: “The American people don’t expect government to solve every problem.” That’s the difference between the American people and the American government. Our government is growing out of control and overspending out of control and unfortunately, the President believes every problem in America needs a big government and that Washington knows the best solutions. This reasoning is why our country is $16 trillion dollars in debt.

Our country cannot sustain all of these big government programs and rather than offer spending cuts and pulling back in order to balance the budget, the President’s solution is more government.

The American people know Washington cannot solve their problems and will not send their hard earned tax dollars to further his wasteful programs. The state of our union will only be strong when government practices fiscal responsibility and our President makes true strides to stop the overspending.”

As Tea Party Members, as patriots and as Americans we can all agree with this statement. Government is not the solution to our problems; the American people are. The President, and all of our elected officials, need to remember that. We must demand fiscal responsibility from all of them. Those who do not become part of the solution need to be replaced.

Senator Rand Paul also responded:

Your new leadership team and board of directors are working on goals and strategies that will bring us all to the point where we will affect true change in the future. We will be announcing the dates of our next Leadership Meeting next week. I encourage all of you to attend. We will make crucial decisions on the future of the PBCTP together.

Yours in Liberty,
Michael Riordan


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