Boca Raton Chapter Dinner/Speaker Meeting, Tuesday, March 5th!!!

Join us on Tuesday, March 5th for another banner Chapter Meeting, featuring Slade O’Brien, the Florida State Director for Americans For Prosperity.  Slade has spoken to our group before, and is always a great hit with our crowd, and his message is destined to become MORE popular, as he is a rising star both as an activist, and as an expert in how to WIN elections.  If more people listened to Slade last year, many of the election results could have come out quite differently.  One other note: WE ARE BACK at Boca Greens Country Club!

Please join us!  Doors open at 5:30pm, with a cash bar.  Dinner begins promptly at 6:00pm, and our meeting begins at 7:00pm.  We will say the Pledge of Allegiance, and Carlos Manuel Santana will sing our National Anthem.  Announcements will follow, and then Slade O’Brien will be introduced.  He is always great with our crowd, and will be happy to answer questions after his presentation.  You can attend our meeting at 7:00pm at no cost, but we encourage you to come for the dinner.  For $20, you will enjoy salad, main course, dessert, coffee, and tea, with tax and tip included!  This will be a great evening of like-minded fellowship, and a true sense of deep patriotism permeates the experience– please RSVP on the button below!


One Response to “Boca Raton Chapter Dinner/Speaker Meeting, Tuesday, March 5th!!!”
  1. Jack Disher says:

    I listen to a lot of talk radio and I watch the news a great deal. There are frustrations that are present when I hear things being said that are never capitalized on by the TEA party. Why is it never stated when the president makes statements and is never held accountable.

    There is a need to have infromation verified and then clearly articulated to the general public. If it is true there is no place to hide. One can tell a lie so many times and so many ways. For example, I listened to Rush today, Wednesday, February 20 and heard him state that Obama told the country that he would veto a bill that removed the sequester clause. I am sure I am not stating that properly, but that happened in 2011. Our communications director should look up something like that and expose the president and the democratic party. It is a travesty we do not hold people accountable.

    There needs to be a monitoring program set up to bring these things to light. We need to be much more vigilant and then share the information and keep bringing it up, Americans have very, very short memories, i.e. the last election.

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