Candidate Forum In Boca Raton Encourages Voters

Moving closer to the critical national election next month, our Boca Chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party held another great night of discourse on the local level that certainly took into account what is happening to our country nationally by hosting another local candidate forum.  A palpable sense of excitement filled the air, as over 100 people filed in to hear how candidates from both sides would address key Tea Party issues.  While we had a full quiver of candidates from both the Republican AND Democratic sides slated to address those who would be on the ballot for November in Boca, the end result of those candidates who showed, versus those who elected not to appear was quite revealing…

Slated to appear were State Senate Candidates Melanie Peterson (District 25), her opponent Joe Abruzzo, James Ryan O’Hara (State House District 81), Cesar Henao (Congress District 21), Tom Gustafson (State House District 89), and Sean Kasper (State House District 90).  David Lutrin and Pat Rooney, opponents for State House District 83 were also invited, but that district was ultimately deemed not applicable for the geographic area that Boca Raton audiences would be voting for (it should be noted that David Lutrin accepted our initial invitation, but that Pat Rooney did not).  In the end, Tom Gustafson and Joe Abruzzo cancelled, leaving us with a still compelling field of O’Hara, Peterson, Kasper, and Henao.

Boca Chapter Coordinator Alex Berry began the proceedings at 7:00pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Carlos Manuel Santana then regaled us with his impassioned version of the National Anthem, which was terrific!  After the usual protocol of explaining what the PBCTP is, and what it stands for, Alex made the usual announcements of upcoming events.  He introduced Pam Wohlschlegel, who announced the Precinct Walk Initiative to sway independents in our county.

Alex then introduced David DiCresenzo, who moderated the discussion for the evening with carefully prepared questions regarding how each candidate would address issues ranging from insurance to energy- and many other topics—and how those positions would relate to the core Tea Party issues of Limited Government, Free Markets, and Fiscal Responsibility.  The questions were excellent, and the answers truly helped our voters decide on who would best represent those principles we hold so dear to our hearts.  There was even time for an interactive audience “Question and Answer” time, which was edifying and worthwhile for all those in attendance.

Overall, it was a spectacular night that was full of fun and well received. I encourage everyone to get involved in the political process, by joining us for our events in Boca, which meet the first Tuesday of every month.  Get ready NOW for a HUGE “Election Day” victory celebration on November 6th, which happens to be the first Tuesday of the month for next month!  It will be a gala affair with monitors to watch election results, food and bar, entertainment, and speeches!  You will DEFINITELY want to mark your calendars for this one!!!  Time is drawing to a close to make a difference for the next election, so please get involved if you aren’t yet, and STAY involved if you already are!

For more information and video of the event, please CLICK HERE.

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