2012 Voter Education Guides

These four documents have been created to assist voters in choosing candidates and answers to ballot questions for the 2012 election. Each link will load a pdf file which you may save a copy or print.


5 Responses to “2012 Voter Education Guides”
  1. Al Banfe says:

    Thanks……………this really helps cut thru some of the lesser known luminaries and also on the amendments. Thanks again and Mitt, Connie and Allen will make a great trifecta!

  2. Marcia says:

    Pertaining to Amendment No.8: VOTE NO — A YES vote would be contrary to a seperation between Church and State. Would you want ANYand ALL religious groups to be funded by whomever is in office? This opens up the door to SHARIA Law and Radical groups to receive funding under the guise of religious affiliation.

    • Fred Scheibl says:

      Amendment 8 repeals the Blaine Amendment which was added to the Florida Constitution in the 1800s in response to the rise of Catholic Schools. This would have the effect of removing the grounds for future legal challenges on the use of school vouchers for schools with a religious affiliation, and other uses of public funding (such as our county’s funding of the Salvation Army through the FAA program). It does not “open the door to Sharia Law”. The hysteria by some who believe that publically funded madrassas will be sprouting up on every street corner is overdone. The constitution provides for freedom of religion – for all faiths. The use of a school voucher for a religious school, if available to all faiths equally, is not unconstitutional. Please take a deep breath and read our description of the purpose of Amendment 8.

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