The Commander-in-Chief is AWOL

There is no record of intelligence briefings for Obama the week before the embassy attacks

According to a GAO Report the President has only attended 43.8% of the briefings since taking office.

The Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) provided to the President by the CIA the first thing every morning provides insight into what is happening around the world, information on what to expect in the coming days, an analysis of the collected intelligence and the significance of the events.

A President who decides to skip the PDB is a President who has no need for it because it is a President who would not know what to do with the information once it was received and a President who consequently, by inaction, leaves the country vulnerable to our enemies and our citizens exposed to danger.


One Response to “The Commander-in-Chief is AWOL”
  1. nancy silber says:

    this is a president who is not proud to be an American, it shows in everything he says and does, or in his case what he doesn;t do. i feel he and hilary both have chris stevens blood on their hands by not being informed.

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