Second Annual Labor Day Barbeque – A Great Time Was Had By All !

Beautiful skies, no rain, a gentle breeze, great friends, food and celebration of those values that make America an exceptional Nation were enjoyed by all Monday afternoon. Speakers as well as the afternoon’s music emphasized the good and exceptional qualities of America and her people while we were also cautioned by the speakers of the current administration’s disregard of the Constitution and separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches, the negative impact of over-regulation and the soon to be stifling tax increases, already enacted. Looming deadlines of the American Affordable (Un-Affordable) Health Care Act, aka Obama Care and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act are set to trigger primarily after the November election, saving the worst impacts until the Presidential and Congressional elections are history – thus our only hope is to “repeal and replace”.

Requests were made for Poll Watcher volunteers and were referred to Mr. Joe Madej who has been successful in signing up volunteers to date – let’s cover all the polling sites in Palm Beach County ! Further announcements were made of the upcoming Freedom from the UN Rally to be held Saturday, October 20, 2012 in Tallahassee, and that Lynne Sherrer is available to help with new voter registration, address changes, party change and card replacements. See or contact Lynne.

Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, Special Warfare Operator First Class,U.S. Navy, one of thirty US Military personnel who died in the crash of their Chinook helicopter in Wardak Province of Afghanistan spoke of their son’s steadfast Christian faith and commitment to America, fellow Seal Team members and family. The enormously-increased frequency of missions by Special Forces coupled with restrictive Rules Of Engagement and shortage of current technology transport aircraft are contributing to heavy loss of American military personnel; additionally, critical injuries to American service personnel have greatly increased over the past several years. Our prayers are with all family members, Aaron’s wife Kimberly, three year old son Reagan and fifteen month old daughter Chamberlyn. (See Mother of SEAL Criticizes Obama Ad)

Pam Wohlschlegel, co-founder of and the county coordinator for Palm Beach County Tea Party (and Florida State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots) recapped impressions of the Tampa RNC and stated several very anti-business and negative “ObamaCare” impacts to our liberties slated for the next four years, lest we retire our sitting President. Pam then introduced Congressman Allen West.

Congressman West spoke of service to country and the need to have leadership in Washington DC. Amid escalating and thunderous applause, Congressman West pointed out each of the “Gang Patches” as referred to by his opponent Patrick Murphy. Each patch had to do with LtCol (Ret) West’s military service, and of course, not “gangs” as implied by Murphy. West also explained the enormous increases to income, dividend and capital gains taxes that are already-enacted by the Obama administration to begin next year. Dividend taxes will explode from 15 percent to 39.6 percent, capital gains from 15 to 20 percent.

NOTE: In addition to the above increases stated by Congressman West, with payroll tax rate cuts likely to expire and personal income, payroll taxes and other “Affordable Care” taxes, real increases in tax burden will range from 25 to 40 percent INCREASE for under $250K and over $250K joint income categories. These are capital-consuming social program-absorbed dollars and leave nothing to pay off the current and escalating national debt / unfunded liabilities. If $1 Billion were paid EACH DAY toward the US Unfunded Liabilities, it will require over 329 years to repay – only that which is currently due at present. For a dizzying “financial statement” and summary of this very real and virus-like problem, go to usdebtclock.org.

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  1. Marion Frank Marion Frank says:

    It was a FANTASTIC event. By some counts, there were around 500 people there. When you say Allen West is coming, people show up!! We are at the tipping point in our country’s future. Everyone needs to get out and vote for regime change!

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