The Whispered Word

These thoughts come from one of our members, author and forensic accountant, Hal Rosenthal:

“Mighty Pillars Crumble at the Whispered Word.” It’s one of Hal’s original quotes. The “pillars” represent the System and the “whispered word” is that which is put in writing and appropriately disseminated. Full potency is derivable through the “100th monkey” concept of nature identified on the Japanese island of Koshima.

Instead of getting sick by eating a fruit that falls from the trees, one monkey washed it in the ocean and consumed it with no ill effect. The next day the action was copied by a few more monkeys. The practice quickly expanded geometrically and when the 100th monkey adopted it, virtually overnight the entire monkey population on the island accepted the practice.

The System in force in America must undergo a transformation and be rebuilt from the ground up; preferably, in accordance with the true intent of the Constitution and in opposition to the appalling circumstances now existing both nationally and internationally. Mere change and continuation of the piecemeal approach will be insufficient to make a meaningful difference and may lead to disaster.

Words cannot express the extent of stupidity and mistakes being made by those in control. Truly, they “cannot see the forest for the trees.” They create what at best can be considered tactics, but without first discerning an appropriate broader and suitable strategy, and the directly related tactics best to be relied upon to achieve the strategic goal.

The United States is in the process of selecting a new president on the basis that a single individual has the best ideas on how to make sought-for changes. How ridiculous.

And the dominant tasks of the selection process thus far is lying or selling. Just look at the ads. Although not the strongest reference, in a recent TV ad, President Obama accused Mitt Romney of taking away jobs in America by “outsourcing” jobs to foreign countries during the time Romney was in control of Bain Capital.

Hal sent the following e-mail to Romney’s political campaign: “Outsourcing is not done to create jobs overseas instead of in America. It is a method commonly used to reduce costs, thereby simultaneously maintaining profitability and reducing the required selling price of products and services. An end result is more affordability of products and services to the consumer.” He received a “thank you” e-mail on July 17, 2012 from Lynne McMillan, Deputy Director of External Affairs of Romney for President, Inc.

It seems the majority of citizens and organizations in the U.S. consider only their immediate personal needs and wants. That’s natural. And politicians emphasize them. But consistently failing to identify and take into account the broader picture into which those needs and wants fall, opens the door for collapse of supposedly realistic expectations.

The new, better and ultimately the only workable approach is to start out with the broader picture—the concept. Like “liberty and justice for all.” If the Civil Rights Office fails to do its duty for even a single citizen, then the related underlying flaw of the organization must immediately be identified and corrected. If it is not or cannot be done, then “liberty and justice for all” is merely an unfounded term of reference.

A person so denied such components of liberty and freedom should not be forced into a hopeless struggle seeking alternate means for the attainment of justice. What caused the break needs to be fixed. And it applies to every branch and subdivision of our government.

Things need to get put in writing that say what needs to be done, and in way that is clear and comprehensible. It should immediately create on the part of its readers, a willingness and desire to cooperate in support of taking reasonable action.

The center of attention is not change but restoration! We don’t’ want to change how things are. Such a process can go on forever without making a material difference. We need to bring things back to how they should be. It is not a mere change. It is a transformation!

A practical way to start out is to identify, communicate and gain support for some of the important concepts or new pillars. The Palm Beach County Tea party is doing just that. Its stated goals are “fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets.” They are vital tactics in aid of re-establishment of true democracy in America.

For purposes of greater clarity and the attainment of broader support, better it may be for the Tea Party to put forth as its main objective, “The Re-establishment of True Democracy in Accordance with the Constitution,” and position its currently stated excellent goals as components thereof. An added valuable benefit is access to a larger selection of timely actions in accordance with its main objective, which actions otherwise may not appear in conformity with the presently stated goals.

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