Let your views be heard on the EPA Lawsuit

We have posted information in the past as to how the EPA is holding our taxpayers hostage requiring unreasonable, possibly unattainable phosphorus  reduction in the Everglades.  Here is an article written in May: EPA holds Florida taxpayers hostage with billion-dollar ransom

In response to the lawsuit by the EAA, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) will be voting August 9, 2012 to authorize spending another $880 million to make the water going into the Everglades six (6) times cleaner than rain!
If you object to this waste of your tax dollars, please email the district’s Governing Board Members and our elected officials to let them know how you feel!  Here are their email addresses:
Joe Collins   jcollins@sfwmd.gov

Daniel O’Keefe dokeefe@sfwmd.gov

Kevin Powers kpowers@sfwmd.gov

Juan M. Portuondo  jportuon@sfwmd.gov

Sandy Batchelor  sbatchel@sfwmd.gov

James J. Moran  jmoran@sfwmd.gov

Timothy Sargent  tsargent@sfwmd.gov

Daniel DeLisi   ddelisi@sfwmd.gov

Glenn J. Waldman   gwaldman@sfwmd.gov

Governor Rick Scott  www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/email-the-governor    1-850-488-7146

Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard, Jr.  herschel.vinyard@dep.state.fl.us  1-850-245-2011



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