Radical Evolution: Transformations from the Left, Monday July 9

As the Political Rhetoric Heats Up; Two Young American Patriots Tour Florida to Transform the Debate 

Monday July 9th  is the South Florida stop on the “Radical Evolution: Transformations from the Left” Tour at Palm Aire Country Club 3701 Oaks Clubhouse Dr Pompano Beach, FL.  Doors open at 6:00pm!  Appetizers and cash bar available.

Here is a unique opportunity to meet two of the most famous people who once bought into the false narrative of the Left, rose through the ranks as “community organizers” and finally came to the conclusion that they were on the wrong side!  Come hear the stunning transformation.

Their names are only household words in select circles; Anita Moncrief is called “the ACORN Whistleblower” and Brandon Darby is the “FBI Informant who helped defuse a firebomb plot at the ‘08 Republican National Convention.”

Well known or not, Moncrief and Darby are best described as true patriots. Both are former embedded Leftists who are now dedicating themselves to conservative values and principles. Reviled, slandered, sued and threatened by the members of their former party, Darby and Moncrief have very powerful stories to tell about the people who are involved in politics behind the scene.  Darby and Moncrief will be detailing the incidents that transformed their political views with the story of what really happened at the last Republican convention, voter fraud at ACORN and the surprising story of who and what were behind the so-called Occupy movement.

Brandon Darby and Anita Moncrief may seem unlikely heroes, but every time I hear either of them speak, the room is electrified so the Radical Evolution Tour; Transformations for the Left is designed to educate Floridians about the false narrative of the radical left and to mobilize citizens by arming them with the facts and the truth.”   You’ll want to bring a friend or especially a young person to this.  Please share this exciting event with your local membership.

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