August Meeting for Wellington Chapter- Be There!

Did you know that in November you will be voting on changes to the homestead exemption and allowing tax increase caps on commercial property? Want to know how Amendment 4 will effect you, your homestead and your business?  Elected Constitutional Officer, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, Gary Nikolits,  will give us an informative, interactive, educational presentation on Monday, August 13th  at Bink’s Forest Country Club.  In addition,   Marion Frank will also present a follow-up to the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Buffet is served from 6-7 and is only $15.00 all inclusive.   Come enjoy the company of some great patriots, help support the club and enjoy a delicious meal, get informed and get ready to make a difference in November.  Click on the RSVP below so we can ensure we have enough seating. 

  • As always, volunteers are needed to sign in guests and sell raffle tickets and t-shirts. Please call Gina Rascati at 561-798-5498 if you can help.


4 Responses to “August Meeting for Wellington Chapter- Be There!”
  1. LU Crroteau says:

    I missed the previous meeting but intend to make this one. I am very worried about my country. I fear that Obamawill use another of his “executive powers” to declare Marshall Law and cancel elections. This imposter has to go and we need to work hard in order to get him out of office. I am also worried about this so called SCYTL company who supposedly will count our votes…the owner of this company apparently has donated millions to Obama. Snopes.com says it is false but that source often sides with Obama. So we need to find out if this is just rumor. I should be there.

  2. Julie says:

    Just RSVP’d for my first meeting, but I can’t seem to locate where it will be held??? Thank you! Julie

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