This is Your Wake Up Call!

Today is a very sad day.  I am sitting here in Washington, DC with about 50 fellow patriots.  All of us were checked out of our hotel room by 6 am this morning and standing on the steps of the Supreme Court by 6:30am.  We said the pledge of allegiance, sang patriotic songs, chanted things like “See that flag a flying hi makes me proud as I pass by  “, and silently prayed that the announcement that the Supreme Court would declare the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional.  As you know, that did not happen and the worst case scenario unfolded.  The Supreme Court upheld  ACA or “ObamaCare” as it is affectionately called by both sides.

Somber moments for tea partiers!

Should we, the tea party, consider this a win for the opposition and a loss for us.  Yes, it was a win for them but we should also consider this a wakeup call for America and especially for the tea party!  We have an opportunity now to energize the masses.  The Supreme Court declared ObamaCare a tax — a tax for all people, poor, middle income, and rich alike!  The administration orchestrated a President Franklin D. Roosevelt-like bait and switch.  President Roosevelt first sold social security to the masses as benefit, not a tax; then when challenged by the Supreme Court, he declared it a tax . . . and won!  This is exactly what happened today!

Everyone is asking what does this mean?  The news reporters asked where is the tea party going from here?  Does this signal an end to the tea party?  Very quickly the leftists surrounded us and declared that the tea party “does not care about people needing health care.”  This could not be further than the truth!

Tea partiers from across the US
after the Health Care decision

Tea party groups across the country are focused on quality health care for any person, irrespective of their income situation and if they want it.  Tea partiers believe that we must repeal the ACA in full and replace it with effective free-market based solutions.

Simply stated, the tea party stances are reflective of the majority of the American people.  Per a June poll by NYT/CBS, 68% of the American voters want all or part of ObamaCare repealed.  Per a YG Network June poll, 92% say they are already satisfied with their healthcare (pre ObamaCare) and 90% say that their health care costs have gone up or stayed the same since ObamaCare passed.  Per a June 13th Rasmussen poll, those who strongly favor repeal is almost double those that strongly oppose repeal.

So what does this mean for the tea party?  It means that we energize America against this very pervasive tax that will effect everyone.  We fight to repeal ACA with a newly minted handle:  “Repeal the ObamaCare Tax!”

We need to focus on the costs, on its impact on our economy, the inevitable reduction in the quality of health care in this country, the rationing power of Medicare imbedded in the law, the Medicare payment cuts imbedded int he law, and the overall higher health care costs for every person and every company that must now provide healthcare benefits for their employees.  We cannot give up!  America’s future depends on our effort!

We are on the steep, slippery slope to socialized medicine!  We need to make today a turning point — the first day of our renewed effort to repeal the ObamaCare tax!


2 Responses to “This is Your Wake Up Call!”
  1. Donna & Greg Rundels says:

    My husband and I were at the city of W. Palm Beach Tea Party event in 2010. I think that we need more of those types of larger gatherings, rather than the small, insignificant ones being held at malls where 30 people show up. Repeat the success we had before.

    Sincerely, Donna

  2. Anti apathy says:

    Obama care is but one single issue of major importance, to be sure; however, it pales in comparison to the overall perfidity of the current caball occupying the white house and the unmitigated cretins leading the senate. Obamacare is an excellent example of deceit, incompetence, and raging liberal ideology topped off with brazen arrogance towards oponents, real or imagined. In its current form obamacare is, in its entirety, the antithesis of everything we tea party members want in our governance. Government’s power is now unlimited via the supreme courts newly greased skids for taxing, fiscal responsibility has become an anachronism , and the concept of free markets has been pulverized. SO MUCH FOR OUR SELF IMPOSED STRAIGHT JACKETS WITH BLINDERS. We must look squarely at the butts of the Democrat Donkeys and stop deluding ourselves as we plow along behing their leadership. We must expand our views to include all transgressions perpetrated by those in power . Think in terms of our governments attitude towards Israel, freedom of worship of all faiths, disrespect towards vetrans and the military, union thug worshipping, subsidies for failing energy saving concepts, hostility towards domestic energy producers, fouled enviroment for job creators, etc.. The list continues. extensively. In military parlance, “when fixed bayonets and bullets are impractical, it’s time for eye gouging”. The agressors have wantonly brought the battle to us; thankfully we can win this without live ammunition, if only we cared enough to win.

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