The Need for Action highlighted in the Jupiter/PBG Chapter’s June Meeting

June Clarke did a fantastic job serving as our PBCTP leader for the evening.  She ran a ‘tight ship’ keeping the meeting flowing and espousing the tenets of the Tea Party.  Thanks to June for stepping in for absent Gary Summers and Pam Wohlschlegel.

Prior to the meeting, member Tyce Fitzmorris ran a copy of one of his two Miracle Nation presentations on the issues facing our country and the upcoming election.  Tyce is selling copies of his dvd’s to recover costs and is also willing to present at any group.  He can be contacted at 561 248 2295, or via his Facebook or Twitter accounts.

June kicked off the meeting and led us in the Pledge. Lindsey Tremble, a winner of Palm Beach’s Got Talent, and upcoming eleventh grader at Jupiter High, sang the National Anthem beautifully, and June led us in prayer.  She also pointed out that the agenda on each table had place for people to commit to their own personal action plans to aid in the various efforts.  It isn’t enough to just listen – it’s time to act.  June then let elected officials, candidates for office and their surrogates introduce themselves.

Next, we heard a message from Pam and watched 3 videos from the Tea Party Patriots efforts to battle the recall election.   Tyce added his impressions as he too had volunteered in Wisconsin along with members Mary Adams and Barbara Grossman.

Mel Grossman, Treasurer and co-founder, talked about fund-raising, donating and the need for volunteers to assist in the effort to sell acknowledment placques. 

Ed Wolff gave a legislative update – describing the types of articles he posts and where they can be found on the website.

Fred Scheibl, co-founder, showed members where they could find the Voter’s Guide on the website.  He pointed out the levels of information that can be found in both the guide and the website.  He also announced three opportunities for action – attending the first PBC Budget hearing on Tuesday June 12th, the County Commission District 1 Forum.  He and Iris Scheibl, co-founder, also mentioned an issue/call for action on Ordinance 20, 2012 which would put on the November ballot a referendum replacing the Palm Beach Gardens City Charter.  This item is on the agenda at the PBG City Council meeting on Thursday, June 7th.

Terry Gallagher, co-founder, mentioned an upcoming organizational meeting on Religious Freedom.

June then introduced our keynote speaker, Jim Kuretski – Jupiter Town Council member.  Jim described his engineering background and his goals and reasons for being on the City Council.  He then covered examples of the types of fiscal issues that come before the Town Council and the types of votes and questions that he asks and feels should be asked in approving various budget issues.  He strongly urged participation on the local level – because one can really have an impact.  During the Qs and As, hot topics arose – such as El Sol and Jupiter’s participation in the lawsuit against Palm Beach County for funding of the Inspector General.  Mr. Kuretski answered with his rationale for his positions; the askers were not mollified – but all was civil.

Terry Gallagher concluded the meeting with a drawing for the tickets.

Some pictures from Anna:

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