Saving Wisconsin and the Nation

These three videos are a flavor of the activities of Tea Party Patriots in Wisconsin for the recall election. Look for PBCTP founder Pam Wohlschlegel in each of them – making maps in the hotel room, in the van with the canvassing team, driving the van in the last video.

Here are Pam’s thoughts on the subject:

“I am so proud of our Palm Beach County Tea Party members who have traveled to Wisconsin to contribute to this huge effort. Barbara Grossman, Tyce Fitzmorris, and Mary Adams joined our team in Watertown, WI and have each done a yeoman’s job in canvassing homes in rural suburban Wisconsin. I also want to mention that my sister from Utah has also joined us in Watertown and has been a great help.

I feel a little guilty because I’ve not been out walking as many miles as them — I’ve spent my time mapping out routes in the evenings and driving our team during the day. It has been one of the most memorable times of my life and I am cautiously optimistic that we will win the battle against this recall election that could become viral and ultimately bring down our elections processes across the US.

This has been a learning experience for all of us in Wisconsin. Not a one of us has every done anything like this in such a short time period and on such a massive scale. The tea party movement in America will be much stronger having used this experience to train leaders so that our summer and fall Get Out the Vote efforts will be even more successful.

I only wish that more of our Palm Beach County Tea Party members could have joined this effort! I felt so exhilarated after going to the 912 Rally in Washington, DC a couple of years ago but that was no comparison to the feelings of purpose and contribution that I am experiencing today! ” I believe that Barbara, Tyce, and Mary would concur!


One Response to “Saving Wisconsin and the Nation”
  1. HankS says:

    Way to go Pam Wohlschlegel and many other Patriots from Florida. You ‘walked the talk’ to help ensure victory. We have 153 days left to continue to build momentum and send Obama back to Chicago!!

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