Twitter Will Be Increasingly Important in the Upcoming Elections

Yesterday at Congressman Allen West’s town hall in Pompano Beach I noticed some new antagonists from the left group Think Progress. Their journalist Scott Keyes was recording the entire session and tweeting live from the meeting. I monitored his comments streaming live from the meeting. I usually post to Twitter during town halls, and took the opportunity to counter some of the negative comments coming from two Think Progress people. Most people at the meeting were unaware of this interaction, but many on both sides of the political spectrum were monitoring. Yesterday’s meeting was the first time I saw live tweeting from the left at Congressman West’s town hall.

Real Progress is reporting today that Congressman West would consider raising taxes as a deficit reduction tool. Not true. West clearly stated that he would NOT support any tax increase while the government continues to waste taxpayer money.  There’s an opportunity for Conservatives to spread the word at events in real time to counter misquotes by the left.  Anyone with a smart phone and a twitter application can help counter the lies of Progressives in real time. Unlike Facebook, you can circulate short news items and pictures to the world. Contrary to what people believe, Twitter is easy to learn and set up.

If you live in the new Congressional District 18, I know Congressman West would encourage you to become a Twitter user.  Join the army!  @HankS_FtLaud

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