Memorial Day Meet-ups at Three Malls

This is a difficult time politically for all of us.  Many of us are discouraged. . . but we do have two very patriotic days coming up, Memorial Day and Independence Day.  On Memorial Day, meet up with like-minded people between 9am and 10:30 for java and fellowship at the mall nearest you. We will be meeting in the food courts at these three malls:

* Gardens Mall just east of I95 on PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens.  Click here for directions.
* The Mall at Wellington Green at Forest Hill Blvd and State Rd 7.  Click here for directions
* Boca Town Center just west of I95 on Glades Rd in Boca Raton.   Click here for directions.

Wear red, white, and blue, your tea party shirt, and/or carry a small flag so that we can recognize each other. Who knows, we might even break into song (flash mob style) like we did last year. This is truly a fun experience. Don’t miss it if you are in town for the holiday!

There is no better way to start your Memorial Day!


3 Responses to “Memorial Day Meet-ups at Three Malls”
  1. Not sure why it is a “difficult time politically” If Obama is re-elected it will be a tragedy of epic proportion. 177 days to go folks. Please focus.

    • Pam Pam says:

      Not sure the intent of your comment — humor, criticism, whatever. Maybe not for you but for many of us, this is a “difficult time! Many of us are leaving our families and heading to Wisconsin to fight a battle that will be pivotal in maintaining or tearing down the integrity of our election processes throughout our country. It is a difficult time because every day we hear of or read about new, absurd or dangerous pronouncements, executive orders, evolved proclamations, and/or bureaucratic regulations that stifle free markets and are fiscally irresponsible . . . . This is a difficult time because the political situation in this country is tearing people apart more than ever and consuming many people in their desire to make a difference. . . I agree that we do need to focus but we also must take some time to relax and just be with people with whom we can share our thoughts without feeling of recrimination. . . and where we can openly be patriotic and proud of what our country has been and what it can be. Yes, we need to focus but we also need to get our batteries recharged! We have a tough 5 months ahead of us!

      • Thanks for responding. I understand your feeling, The people I met in Wellington were not discouraged, they were ready to fight and win. We all need to project the language of winners, and be excited about showing Obama the exit door in November. We will win.

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