Why Conservatives are Designated the Right and Liberals the Left

The designation goes back at least to the Old Testament: Ecclesiastes Chapter 10, verse 2.
“A wise man’s understanding is at his right hand; but a fool’s understanding at his left.”

County Commission District 1 Candidate Forum

(Print Flyer)
Palm Beach County Commission District 1

Candidate Forum

Join us for an evening of in-depth discussion of county issues with the three Republican candidates competing to replace term-limited commmissioner Karen Marcus.

Moderated by Tom Boyhan, WJTW FM100.3

June 18, 2012
6:00pm Meet and Greet, 7:00 Program
Abacoa Golf Club
105 Barbados Drive, Jupiter, Florida 33458

Food and Drink Available

The candidates are:

This event is jointly sponsored by:

Jupiter/Tequesta Republican Organization
Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board
Palm Beach County Tea Party
Palm Beach Republican Club
Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches
Republican Club of the Palm Beaches
Singer Island Civic Association
South Florida 912

This forum has been organized to feature the district one candidates appearing on the August ballot. Gardens Mayor David Levy, also a candidate for the position, is unopposed on the Democrat ticket and will face the eventual winner of this August contest in November.

Blockbuster Book “The Amateur” by Ed Klein

“The Amateur”  will open next week as #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. It has been totally ignored by the main stream media for good reason. There’s an abundance of material about the past and present White House Staff, but the major impact is an in-depth portrayal of Barack Obama’s character and true motivation. To that end, it is chilling and extremely dark.

The book should be required reading for all American citizens who intend to vote this November.

Hank Sarkis

Twitter Will Be Increasingly Important in the Upcoming Elections

Yesterday at Congressman Allen West’s town hall in Pompano Beach I noticed some new antagonists from the left group Think Progress. Their journalist Scott Keyes was recording the entire session and tweeting live from the meeting. I monitored his comments streaming live from the meeting. I usually post to Twitter during town halls, and took the opportunity to counter some of the negative comments coming from two Think Progress people. Most people at the meeting were unaware of this interaction, but many on both sides of the political spectrum were monitoring. Yesterday’s meeting was the first time I saw live tweeting from the left at Congressman West’s town hall.

Real Progress is reporting today that Congressman West would consider raising taxes as a deficit reduction tool. Not true. West clearly stated that he would NOT support any tax increase while the government continues to waste taxpayer money.  There’s an opportunity for Conservatives to spread the word at events in real time to counter misquotes by the left.  Anyone with a smart phone and a twitter application can help counter the lies of Progressives in real time. Unlike Facebook, you can circulate short news items and pictures to the world. Contrary to what people believe, Twitter is easy to learn and set up.

If you live in the new Congressional District 18, I know Congressman West would encourage you to become a Twitter user.  Join the army!  @HankS_FtLaud

Palm Beach County to Hire Climate Change Czar

With a $15M budget shortfall this year, hiring a climate change czar is just what the county needs. Let your commissioners know what you think about this. They have set aside $200K to help coordinate “sustainable development” (aka “Agenda 21”) along with other “green” agenda items in Palm Beach County.

See: Palm Beach County creating job to tackle climate change in the Sun-Sentinel.

Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens Chapter To Hear From Local Councilman – June 4

Jupiter Councilman Jim Kuretski will be our guest speaker at the June 4, 2012 meeting at Abacoa Golf Club. As always, doors open at 5:30 PM, social time until buffet at 6:00 PM and Meeting starts at 7:00 pm with announcements, reports and speaker.

Since many local elected office holders move on to state and national government elected office, the Palm Beach County Tea Party believes that participation in and awareness of local government is very important. Participation in local government is efficient and necessary if we are to affect positive political change and insist on 1) Fiscal Responsibility, 2) Limited Government and 3) Support of Free Markets.

To this end, Jim Kuretski will inform us of his experiences and challenges in serving the people of Jupiter both as Councilman and as a member on various boards and committees. Mr. Kuretski has strong convictions regarding fiscal responsibilities and full disclosure by government entities as to how the taxpayer’s dollars are being obligated. Hopefully, we will learn how we may be more effective in supporting him and others like him in local government. It all starts locally and that is where our voices can have the greatest impact; come join us on June 4 at Abacoa Golf Club !

Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens Chapter Schooled On Constitution; Book August 18 For More

As only Constitutional scholar KrisAnne Hall can summarize, an excellent and inspiring treatise of the four source documents to our Constitution was set forth on the evening of May 7 at Abacoa Golf Club. The one hundred plus crowd went away with a new-gained perspective on the sequential development and foundation to our United States Constitution and most significantly, the similarities to current times and applicability.

Attorney Hall is blessed with not only an immense knowledge and teaching skill but the heart of a warrior and the humbleness of His servant. In response to membership requests, KrisAnne has committed to a Jupiter-Palm Beach Gardens seminar on August 18, 2012. This seminar will run five hours and provide us with a better understanding of our Constitution, it’s principles and founding fathers’ intentions and inspirations.

More details will be forthcoming on the location, time and meal arrangements. Please set the date on your calendar now. Invitations will be extended to local government and business leaders as well as the general public. Armed with the “whole picture” the words of the Constitution and supporting documents take root in our hearts and minds. This internalization at a personal level is essential to genuine debate and moving this Great Nation forward for positive change.

We the people must more genuinely educate ourselves if we are to be effective at defending our liberties. Knowing of the United States Constitution is much different than knowing the hearts and minds and inspirations of our founding fathers, their sacrifices and aspirations. Come join us for a great day of learning and participation with KrisAnne Hall; I am certain that as always – she will not cease to amaze us with the knowledge and understanding she imparts !

Pictures from the Wolffs



The Presidents
The White House web site contains biographies of all of the presidents. These are from:
“The Presidents of the United States of America,” by Michael Beschloss and Hugh Sidey. Copyright 2009 by the White House Historical Association.

Barak Obama has seen fit to add additional material about himself and his wife to all of the biographies from Herbert Hoover to George Bush except Gerald R. Ford.

Following is the text he added:

Herbert Hoover
President Herbert Hoover signed the bill founding the Department of Veterans Affairs July 21, 1930. President Obama is committed to making sure that the VA, the second-largest cabinet department, serves the needs of all veterans and provides a seamless transition from active duty to civilian life, and has directed his Administration to modernize the way health care is delivered and benefits are administered for our nation’s veterans. First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Today the Obama Administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations

Harry S. Truman
In a 1946 letter to the National Urban League, President Truman wrote that the government has “an obligation to see that the civil rights of every citizen are fully and equally protected.” He ended racial segregation in civil service and the armed forces in 1948. Today the Obama Administration continues to strive toward upholding the civil rights of its citizens, repealing, allowing people of all sexual orientations to serve openly in our armed forces

Dwight D. Eisenhower
President Dwight Eisenhower established the President’s Council on Youth Fitness on July 16, 1956 (now known as The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports) after learning from a study that American youth were less fit than European youth. Today the Council is still going strong—with Olympians and professional athletes on board—working in conjunction with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to help promote healthier lifestyles

John F. Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy famously suggested the American people: “Ask what you can do for your country.” In 1961, the Peace Corps was created, facilitating service among citizens working toward peace in developing countries. In 2011, President Obama celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with a Presidential Proclamation

Lyndon B. Johnson
President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare signed into law in 1965—providing millions of elderly healthcare stability. President Obama’s historic health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, strengthens Medicare, offers eligible seniors a range of preventive services with no cost-sharing, and provides discounts on drugs when in the coverage gap known as the “donut hole.”

Richard M. Nixon
In 1973, Richard Nixon created The President’s Export Council, which was expanded and reconstituted under President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Today the PEC continues to work towards reaching President Obama’s goal of doubling the nation’s exports by 2014’s end.

James Carter
In 1977, President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy; today the DOE works with the Obama Administration to drive towards innovation in energy and reducing reliance on foreign oil with an “all of the above” approach.

Ronald Reagan
President Reagan designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday; today the Obama Administration honors this tradition, with the First and Second Families participating in service projects on this day.
In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule.

George H. W. Bush
President Barack Obama awarded George H. W. Bush the 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, for his commitment to service and ability to inspire volunteerism throughout the country, encouraging citizens to be “a thousand points of light.” The administration continues to promote service and civic engagement, honoring heroes of local communities as “Champions of Change” and fostering

William J. Clinton
Continuing his work as a lifelong public service, Clinton created the Clinton Foundation in 2001 to improve global health, education, economies and environments. Affectionately calling him “Do-Gooder-in-Chief”, President Obama has worked with Clinton to make buildings in our country more efficient—announcing a $4 billion investment in energy efficiency upgrades for commercial buildings.
In 2009, former President Clinton partnered with 43rd President Bush to help, after the country was devastated by an earthquake.

George W. Bush
In 2002, President George W. Bush’s State of the Union was the first to be live broadcast on the Internet. In 2011 and 2012, President Obama’s State of the Union speeches were available in an version that featured infographics, charts and data side-by-side in real time with the President’s speech.
In 2009, former President Bush partnered with 42nd President Clinton to help, after the country was devastated by an earthquake.

Wellington Chapter Meeting for June 11 – Ethics and oversight of PBC Governments

Palm Beach County Inspector General, Sheryl Steckler, along with Ethics Commission Executive  Director, Alan Johnson, will be our guest speakers.  Come and learn about why these positions were created and why some are opposing them.  Doors open at 5:30, buffet dinner from 6:00 to 7:00, $15 all inclusive, meeting start at 7:00 p.m. sharp. As always at the beautiful Binks Forest Country Club.  Bring a friend, spread the word, be there!

Click here for more information on the Office of the Inspector General and the Commission on Ethics for Palm Beach County.

Bios for our guest speakers:

Sheryl Steckler: 

Sheryl G. Steckler is the Inspector General for the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Palm Beach County (PBC).  The Office opened its doors on June 28, 2010.  The office consists of three services: Investigations, Audit, and Contract Oversight.  Ms. Steckler’s jurisdiction includes all elected and appointed county and municipal officials and employees, county and municipal agencies and instrumentalities, contractors, their subcontractors and lower tier subcontractors, and other parities doing business with the county or a municipality and/or receiving county or municipal funds.  In total, there are 38 municipalities within PBC.  In addition, the Solid Waste Authority, Health Care District, and Children’s Services Council have voluntarily contracted with the OIG for their services. 

Ms. Steckler has worked in law enforcement and criminal justice related positions for 27 years.  Prior to her arrival in Palm Beach in June 2010, she was the Inspector General for the State of Florida, Department of Children & Families for just under 8 years.  She also spent 8 years as the Director for Pinellas County, Florida Consumer Protection which included Mediation, Criminal Investigations, and Regulatory Oversight.  Ms. Steckler was also with the Florida Auditor General’s office in Performance Auditing and Public Assistance Fraud for over 9 years.  Ms. Steckler is currently a Certified Inspector General, Certified Inspector General Investigator and formerly a certified law enforcement officer.

In her role as Inspector General at the Department of Children & Families, Ms. Steckler led the way for her office to become the first accredited Inspector General’s office by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation and her new office in Palm Beach County just received accreditation status February 23, 2012.  Ms. Steckler holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Florida State University.  She is currently an Executive Board member for the National Association of Inspectors General and former President for the Florida Chapter of the Association of Inspectors General.  Ms. Steckler has held elected positions as President and Vice President of Conferences for the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and has also served as a member (appointed by the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services) of the Florida’s Consumer Council.

Alan Johnson: 

Prior to his selection as Executive Director, Mr. Johnson was a 17 year state prosecutor for the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County. As an Assistant State Attorney Mr. Johnson has tried numerous high profile felony cases and in 2001 became Chief of the Felony Division. In 2005 Mr. Johnson took over the role of Chief Assistant State Attorney until 2009 when he became Senior Counsel for a newly established State Attorney Public Integrity Unit. Mr. Johnson has also served in various capacities as a member and chairman of the Florida Bar Grievance Committee and the Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee as well as regularly serving as a volunteer youth court judge. Since 2000, Mr. Johnson has been a frequent instructor for the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association in areas including ethics for prosecutors, victim rights, homicide prosecution, evidence and jury selection.

Mr. Johnson graduated from Columbia University in 1973 and obtained his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1976.

Wellington Wrap Up

Great meeting last night.  Our fearless leader, Pam Wohlschlegel, urged us all to join in helping  to defeat the recall election movement in Wisconsin because as Wisconsin goes, so goes Florida.   Vice President, Mel Grossman, just returned from Tampa where he and wife Barbara, were the local reps standing in opposition to a well-organized and supported Muslim Brotherhood demonstration. Thank you Mel and Barbara-God Bless You.  The President of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Alex Domb, alerted us to the petition drive in Wellington to make land use changes requiring unanimous approval. The beautiful, witty and knowledgeable Marion Frank, our new co-cordinator, delighted us with her presentation on the Unaffordable Health Care Act.  We must do everything we can to defeat the current administration come November, who has foisted this ‘obamanation’ on us.

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