What Has The Tea Party Become

What Has the Tea Party Become?

It Has Become A Force Of One.

It is the voice as one that unites us in a goal.

Its the hope and faith to be as one, to be a part of something honest and good.

Its our fight for our little ones so they will never see what we have.

It more the Constitutional Freedom.

Its a feeling in our hearts that set us apart from the rest.

Its letting go of the past and looking at the days to come.

Its for us to speak out for those who can not.

To protect and to serve those who do not have a clue to the inside look at our new Laws.

Its a fight all the way, to never give up and never surrender.

Its a statement that holds a truth, That I am by all means A Tea Party American.

Its the voices of us, We The Little People and the power of the vote that Government officials fear.

Its a concept that lives in America that almost faded away.

Tea Party Social Network

Tea Party Social Network

The Tea Party and what it is about…

Waving USA FLag

 Its the human mind to see that which may escape most in a search for truth and to use that truth in a Wake Up call To Congress.

All you have to do is look at the ones you love, the ones you lost and then and only then you will see a truth.


Henry Massingale

CEO and Founder Of The Tea Party Independent Forum


2 Responses to “What Has The Tea Party Become”
  1. Bonnie Tavenner says:

    If the tea party does nothing else, it should have a strong presence at ALL voting polls across the country for this 2012 election!

    • Henry Massingale Henry Massingale says:

      Yea Bonnie…you are so right….
      I offer a thank you to you and the Palm Beach County Tea Party….
      This posting is being shared at other Tea Party Sites….

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