Tax Day Tea Party Rocks Wellington

On a bright sunny afternoon in the beautiful Wellington Amphitheatre, an exuberant crowd sat on the astroturf and took in the sounds of LEVEL, and the stirring words of Allen West, Dick Morris, Anita MonCrief and many others.

The Tea Party is alive and well and ready to engage in – as some would say, “.. the most important election of our lifetime…”

The event drew a good size crowd, from tea party and 912 “regulars” to members of the “other side” who lined the back of the field with posters critical of some of the speakers and themes. The protest was peaceful though and even these folks seemed to enjoy themselves.

A lot of local candidates, from Congress down to School Board were in the audience, their teams fanning out to collect hundreds of signed nominating petitions, and most with whom we spoke thought the event was very productive for them.

The speakers covered the bases, some with some new food for thought. MC Brian Mudd from WJNO gave one of the most unusual but highly positive introductions of Congressman Colonel Allen West I have heard, alluding to his national appeal. The Congressman laid out the dangers of another four years of Barack Obama, and assured him (are you listening Mr. President?) that he would most assuredly be voting against the “Buffet Rule” this week.

Anita Montcrief told her tale of finding corruption at the highest levels of ACORN, and then laid out the more current conspiracy between that organization in its new form and the Justice Department to overturn voter ID laws across the country.

Dick Morris, a recent passenger on the Romney train, speculated that Mitt Romney would be one of the best Presidents in history. He asked for a show of hands for “who is more conservative now after 3 years of Obama?” and after seeing an overwhelming yes, tried to convince us that Mitt is too. He also told of the dangers of another Obama term, but suggested that his re-election was definitely not assured.

All in all, a pleasant and stirring day and a good kickoff to the 2012 electoral season.

Some pictures of the event: CLICK HERE to see all the photos at once.


2 Responses to “Tax Day Tea Party Rocks Wellington”
  1. Mark Wohlschlegel says:

    nice report, good pixs and thanks to so many volunteers that made this happen! i think dick morris had a very very key point. tea party candidates lost 3 races in 2010. he said these were lost due to lack of grass root efforts. the progressives do a better job than we do. we must step up grassroot efforts in 2012. STArRTING NOW

  2. Michele Kirk says:

    Love the pics. A beautiful day!

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