Don’t Miss the Great Music at our Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th

You can’t miss our 2012 Tax Day Tea Party on Sunday, April 15th at the Wellington Amphitheater starting at 1:30pm.  Our keynote speakers will be Congressman Allen West, Dick Morris from Fox News, Anita MonCrief from ACORN fame, Dan Mangru from Fox Business, and local talk radio hosts Joyce Kaufman and Craig Henne.  Our MC will be Brian Mudd from WJNO AM1290.  We have a host of other speakers listed here.

In addition, we will have activities for children, excellent food concession from the Tuxedo Gourmet, drawings with great prizes, and much more!

If that weren’t enough, we will have opera-trained Lou Galterio sing the National Anthem, and a young up & coming singer, Brie Goldsobel singing patriotic songs.

An extra special treat will be the music of LeVeL, a West Palm Beach-based band (area code 561) best known for edgy, acoustic rock.  Their unique and predominantly original music is a direct reflection of the band members’ extensive and varied experiences, and contains elements of classic rock, punk, funk, jazz, acoustic rock, dance music and heavy metal.  Their music is uplifting, inspiring and will touch the hearts of people of all ages.

To hear them now click here


One Response to “Don’t Miss the Great Music at our Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th”
  1. John says:

    Did someone say Allen West? Oh, you mean the runs his mouth more than Heinz have tomato/before-the-cameras-everyday for some odd reason, self-serving, scheming, lying megalomaniac who is a liberal (and couched racist), even though he claims to be conservative and not in the least racist. The same shuck and jive fraud who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (wonderful organization, simply wonderful racist, anti-American, anti-Constitution organization), who voted for the mega billions of taxpayer dollars for negroes by negroes Pigford embezzlement scam then pretended (read: lied) post facto of same to “have no idea”, who voted for increasing the debt ceiling, who voted for the “Patriot Act” and NDAA – both in violation of the Bill of Rights, individual liberties and due process and declares within its contained codicils Americans as domestic terrorists, who voted against a balanced budget initiative, who verbally attacked the Tea Party calling same “schizophrenic” and now is sleezing over to the 16th unless he slimes his way onto the Veep ticket which is his game plan, who was thrown out of the military, who sometimes unconscionably wears his citations on his CIVILIAN clothing so as to further grandstand, who solicited for re-election campaign funds nationally…….., NATIONALLY, who railed against George Zimmerman and has taken sides in support of Trayvon Martin.

    Ya, that Allen West.

    Small wonder I look upon the Tea Party as nothing more than a bunch of look-the-other-way-hypocrites.


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