Energy and Climate Realities a Big Hit at Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens Meeting

Jupiter/PBG guests enjoyed the presentation of “Energy and Climate Realities” regarding the United States’ energy abundance and Government hindrances to increased production of fossil fuel-based electrical power. Mark Wohlschlegel, Vice President Toshiba Controls also noted the old CO2/Greenhouse Gas arguments still being used by our Government to shut down coal powered energy production.  Furthermore, despite the inefficiencies and peak demand capacity shortfalls of alternative energy, wind and solar power are still being supported politically, most recently in Florida thru HB 7117 – not yet signed by Governor Scott.

Lillia Dottavi, a Councilwoman in Rome represented Tea Party Italy and spoke of the Italian socialized medical care system which has proven disastrous to both the population and to the budgets of government, noting that eighty percent (80%) of current budgets is for medical care.  Lillia commented that Italy has the flag, youth of the country and the senior citizens in common with the American Tea Party.

Blaine Presley, our youngest old timer in the Palm Beach County Tea Party lauded us to “keep up the fight”.  Barbara Samuells of 912 Super Seniors spoke of her recent visit as guest of Glenn Beck at Mercury One studios in Dallas and of how gentle and kind a man is Glenn.  Barbara spoke to Obama Care’s fallacious “urgency” argument, though 85% of Americans are presently insured and that the only net gain is for 5 to 10 % of the population to become insured (but then where’s the control for Big Government ?).  Most of us learned for the first time of Soros and Son’s efforts to fund a giant blitz on the states to pass “popular vote” legislation, doing away with the Electoral College.  This is critical, all hands on deck to oppose this !

Pam Wohlschlegel, Head of PBCTP and Florida Director for Tea Party Patriots updated us on statewide initiatives between the Tea Party Patriots organizations and her recent trip to Orlando, see more on this in Pam’s 3/31/2012 post.  Pam conveyed her excitement for the upcoming Tax Day Tea Party at the Wellington Amphitheater, Sunday April 15, 2012 as she reviewed the great roster of speakers to include Allen West and Dick Morris among others and to feature the band “LEVEL”.

Barbara Grossman closed out the evening with the declaration of winners for the Restaurant Gift Certificate Raffle.  A good time was had by all; the next  meeting of the Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens Chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party will be May 7, 2012 at Abacoa Golf Club, 5:30 PM.

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