Their Kingdom Came, Their Will Won’t Be Done!

by Austin Porfiri

Neither on earth nor in heaven shall liberal progressive ideology prevail in our governance because it was conceived on the beds of deceit by a cabal of ideologues driven by an urge to multiply itself by employing any method, position, or tactic that provides the greatest pleasure at enormous expense, both literally and figuratively, to our nation.

Their calculated methodology for dominance leaves no quarter for differing opinions, freedom of thought, or religious beliefs. Let us examine the very clever operating manual progressive liberals religiously follow and how their political shenanigans impact us as Tea Party members.

Standard operating procedures– “Job one is to do whatever we can to shake America to its very foundation by polluting the environment required for job creation. We have many operatives who are under the radar that are beyond scrutiny who, according to our media supporters, have stellar credentials. We have a mouthpiece highly trained at giving false hope and is also specifically adept at blaming the opposition for any perceived misstep we might take. Take heart, you can always count on voter apathy, indifference, ignorance, and party loyalty to work in our favor.”

“Do not ever apologize for anything; shame should never deter you from lying. Remember, we have many operatives in our media cabal who are willing to totally ignore any transgressions committed towards anyone who is our opposition or anyone who may hold decency as a sacred honor. At every occasion you must degrade women hood in whatever manner you can as long as you can effectively blame our opposition. Do not be afraid to trample on anyone’s religious beliefs, passions, or pursuits if it serves our cause. Remember, we will constantly float trial balloons to evaluate our opposition’s response.  There is strength in numbers therefore we have increased the number of operatives in our government and we are passing it off as job creation.”

“Money is no object. There are plenty of fat cats out there that we have counterbalanced with very loyal voters who are on the perpetual take. Some of those fat cats are huge donors who assuage their guilt of possessing vast amounts of ill-gotten wealth. Divisiveness created by differences in race and economic classes are convenient tools which are to be used without discretion. By threatening to shut down the government, we are able to increase the budget, annually, and therefore are able to maintain control. The noose on the rope, created by conservatives Tea Party members in the house of representatives, has been placed on their own necks thanks to our control in the senate.”

“Un-known to the general public we have created an elaborate echo chamber that will enable our mouthpiece to listen to our oppositions complaints ,and, at every open microphone occasion, the chamber simultaneously converts those complaints to solutions which he presents as his very own as he reads the teleprompter. Rest assured, by election time, most voters will be so numbed and confused they won’t know issues from solutions nor who is culpable or who is the problem solver”

Tea Party members know the enemies and defenders of freedom and have affirmed the notion those enemies and defenders can be found in any political party, religion, race, or national origin. Our challenge is to provide the truth as we understand it and, in a neighborly way, enlighten only those who seek it.

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